Call me crazy, but I do in fact believe in ghosts. When I used to live in my old house when I was around 5 years old, I saw things. objects. All the time in that house. It was hard to sleep when you have the feeling that something was standing over you. But what really tripped me up was the night I couldn't sleep so I decided to walk over to my parents room and sleep with them (which I did often at the time). Their room was directly right across from mine so I had to walk only a few feet to get there. As I walked over there I stopped and saw something in the middle of the hallway which looked like the outline of a person with white glowing eyes. I was in shock which caused me to stand still, frozen. As I stared at the thing, it was coming towards me, still staring at me. That's when I screamed so loud my parents came out, turned the light on, and it was gone. There was nothing in the hallway that could have been whatever I saw. I told my parents I saw something walking towards me, so they turned the lights off to see if we could see it and there was nothing there. I was terrified and I still remember every single detail even to this day. I don't see any ghost anymore, but I still believe in them.
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The reason why kids past age of 5 dint see anymore in because they r subjected to people telling them that its not true. So u loose your believe because your energy vibration is lowered

Wow thats intense, i have had similar experiences back when i lived with my parents house.