You'e NOT My Daddy!- When I was 9 or 10 my parents finally succeeded in getting to sleep in my own bedroom by buying me a television. It was already nice enough:queen sized bed full of stuffed animals,two book cases,and a toy chest. As long as I was in there by 9 pm and woke up when I was supposed to without much complaint they did not care whether I actually went to bed or not. Most nights I didn't. I read or watched late night Anime. A few months after I started sleeping by myself I was playing Chinese Checkers with myself and watching Anime well after midnight when I heard myself being called. The voice sounded like my father's when he spoke English but he NEVER spoke English to me. My mother was the English speaker and it wasn't her voice. The voice called to me again. I ignored it. Common sense told me that barging into the master bedroom in the middle of the night would get me yelled at and maybe worse. No instead I soon climbed into bed and dared to turn off my bedside lamp(the dark made me nervous). Sans covers and using one of my stuffed animals as a pillow I started to drift off. Right as I was about to slip into unconsciousness a strange tingling sensation started at the crown of my head. A jolt like cold electricity shot through my body. The more I batted the invisible hand away the further the unseen touch extended. It went from my head, back of my neck, and down my back. My hair was styled in long twin plaits which seemed to be slithering across my back. It was impossible to ignore what was going on, but all I wanted to do was sleep and not be bothered. Then the voice began again telling me how beautiful I was and it loved me. Finally I raised my head, squinted because I didn't have my Glasses on of course, and literally felt my heart skip a beat. A tall man slightly glowing loomed over my bed. It's hand reached out and I screamed. More precisely I TRIED to scream. The noise was cut off in my throat for some reason. What saved me is I somehow rolled over the edge of my bed,fell on the floor,and my father of all people heard me. He came down the hall,calling to me,sounding like normal albeit dog tired like he had just woken up. Deep down inside I knew it was him, but in my dazed stupor I flipped right the fuuck out. By the time he opened the door I was UNDER my bed curled up in ball. "Joha? Joha!" He had to drag me out of there and I ended up kicking him. "What is WRONG with you?!" Then he reached down to put me back in bed and paused. "What happened to your neck?" All across my neck and back were red welts. Nobody had beat me beforehand mind you. Similar incidents happened on at least 3 other occasions before my parents bought some white candles for my room and supposedly had it blessed. I continued to get the cold chills all the way until I left home, but I never woke up with strange marks again.
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That is quite chilly, but it is quite common in Southeast Asia, not as extreme as yours. I remember my friend told me when they moved to cheap rented house, she was licked, and one of our friend kept moved to the living room, and the other keep talking and having argument in her sleep

sounds like sleep paralysis

It happens to me , when i wake up at night and go to the washroom i hear singing so i thought the upper floor people were singing , so i told my dad and he complained to the building office and they said that the flat above us was empty . When i ask my other family members about tge singing they said they never heard anyone sing

There are some living creature that are unable to be sense by our normal sense, yet sometimes thru coincidence, or purposely done by 'them', we might hear them for a brief period

were you spanked as a kid