Ah yes, I really do believe in ghosts. When I was growing up my parents brought a home in New Jersey. It was a 3 story brownstone style house on a block of similar homes. It was very old with narrow hallways but, surprisingly the rooms were kind of spacious, or so it seemed to me after having come from living in a cramped apartment.

I shared a room on the second floor with my little brother and sister when we first moved in. I had a full size bed and they shared a bunk bed. I remember that on one side of the room there were six doors, all of them closets. Each of us was assigned a closet; the first two belonged to our parents. Thinking about it now it seems weird because we were to be a family of exactly 6 after my sister was born.

The adjacent room was my mom's and my stepfather's bedroom. My mom was pregnant at the time with our little sister. I remember that she mentioned that there was something unsettling to her about the left side of the living room on the first floor so, she put up a religious picture of Jesus there (which I did not like). It had scary eyes that seemed to follow you everywhere.

Anyways there was so much in that place that led me to believe there were ghosts living there that I could actually write a book about it.

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And Increasing In The Knowledge Of God;
2. Col 1:12 Giving Thanks Unto The Father,
3. Which Hath Made Us Meet --Its Done, At The Cross, At The Tomb, At The Res.
4. To Be Partakers Of The Inheritance Of The Saints In Light: Now We Partake, Because We See, Hear And Say,
5. Col 1:13 Who Hath Delivered Us From The Power Of Darkness, [ That Is Our Heritage, Deliverance From All Neg, All Depression, Hold You Down,]
6. And Hath Translated Us Into The Kingdom Of His Dear Son: [That Is Where We Come , Into Life Abundant Life, Of Blessings,,,
7. Col 1:14 In Whom We Have Redemption Through His Blood,
8. Even The Forgiveness Of Sins:
Forgiveness Gives Us A New Beginning
Freedom From Guilt, Shame, Power Of Sin
Makes Us Happy.

What part of New Jersey was that?

Jersey City, NJ

I see........