This has happened to me. I just ...

One day, i was home alone. I was on my iPad, chill n all. Suddenly i feel a touch on my arm. I though it was my mom, since she always touches me like that whenever she passes by, so that i know its her and not my dad. I wanted to go to bed, so i went up the stairs, and noticed no1 was in the house. I was like: "my mom probably forgot something" so i did my stuff.
The next day i waa curious enough to ask my mom if she came home after she left. She said she didnt...

Scared the heck outta me
iTzzMike iTzzMike
18-21, M
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Update your fiction, sounds interesting.

Happen to me to

That wasnt the worst tho. It became worse after that moment.

Really how

Like the house became hell of a nightmare. My back gettin scratched with red lanes. Like claws trough my back. Ghosts apearing and all.. Still aint the worst. Not even close. I can tell u the worst but trough pm tho. Dont want to scare others.


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