Here's my story... Hm Hm when I was 9 me and my friend was doing knock and runs on ppls houses... We came to this house round the corner from where I lived and I gave a big hard bang on the door... I quickly looked in the glass on the side of the door before running away when I seen a ghost ( well that's what I believe it was) it was a nun a floating nun facing the door. Just the costume floating! I screamed and ran home to mum I just saw a ghost... She didn't give a **** but true story...another time would be last year after my step father passed away I took a trip to Sydney to try to escape the pain ( which didn't work) I was sleeping in the hotel room and at the time I was dreaming about my step dad talking to me and I was asking how he died.. One of those dreams that seem so real.. Anyway all of a sudden I woke up to something touching my face... Half asleep I turned over.. Then I felt light foot steps go down the bed... I forgot I was in Sydney and thought it was my cat... I sat up and looking around I swear I could see my step father crouched down behind my suitcase smiling... Thinking bullshit I wiped my eyes and looked closer and he was still there... I **** myself and went back to sleep... I believe in ghosts :) xo
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can you add me please cos i like to chat about ghosts,


OMg I would have died and would of never been able to go back to sleep

Amazing !!! :)