Funeral Home

My ex used to live in an old funeral home that was turned into an apartment complex. In his kitchen, the drain was still in the floor from where they used to drain the fluids out of the bodies...and one time when I was spending the night I was walking back to the bedroom from the bathroom after brushing my teeth. All the lights were out, and I had to walk past the kitchen and when I looked over I saw a really tall man standing there. At first I thought it was him because he loved to play pranks like that, so I leaned in to get a better look and it was NOT him. It was a very serious man in a suit just standing there...staring. I could even sense his aura, he wasn't mean or evil...he was just curious. Just standing there watching me. But it still scared me so much that I dropped all of my stuff and ran into the bedroom. I was not a believer in ghosts before this happened, and I will never doubt a person when they tell a ghostly experience ever again. This story is totally true!

TwistedVixen TwistedVixen
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2009

omgosh, a funeral home?? WHY, WHY i would never move into a place like this..especially with that drin still there

I probably would, just for the experience." ;-)

haha, surprisingly no. It's not as scary as you think it would be once you see a's weird.

did you **** yourself a little??