What I've Seen...

I think a lot of people who say they believe in ghosts have at least seen one or had an experience with one. Believing is seeing right? So here are a few of my sightings and experiences.

When I was younger about maybe 9 or 10 I was trying to sleep in my bedroom, I started to hear a rocking. Like that of a rocking chair. It sounded like it was coming from my hallway. My face was to the wall and when I turned to look out the door - I saw a teenaged man standing at the door way. I asked him who he was and he just vanished right in front of me.

One time (when I was about 12ish) I went up my stairs looking for my brother, my hallway was pitch black but my brother's room had it's lights on. That was the first door to my left, but when I looked inside it I saw two shadows around the same height facing me, I could tell they were because I got this feeling like something was looking at me. I flipped out and ran back down the stairs.

Another time I had just gotten back from my first Homecoming dance, I was around 15. When I got into the house my mom was sitting on the couch in the living room to the left of me. She was facing the wall that the T.V was on - but when I looked straight a head of me into the dining room I saw our grandfather clock against the far wall, but next to it was a teenaged boy in a baseball cap. He had long brown hair and a scar on his cheek. He just kind of stared at me. I looked over at my mom and said, "Mom, there is a boy staring at me." She believed that at least one of the ghost that haunted our house was her little brother who died in a car accident at 18. So she said, "It's just your Uncle now go upstairs and go to bed." When I looked back he was looking at her like I was and then he looked back up at me. I told him, "Please go away." And he vanished.

Not too long after that, probably 6 months later I was looking outside my window waiting for my dad to pull into our driveway. When I saw the teenaged boy (at least someone who looked like him) walk down our side walk kicking a rock. When he went behind a large tree I expected him to come out but I saw no one cross the street and saw no one walk out from behind the tree. I ran out there and all I saw next to the tree was the rock he had been kicking.

When I was 17 I had a friend spend the night we went downstairs to watch some T.V. atound 12:00 when the show was over at around 1 we turned off all the stuff and started walking back up towards the stairs. My friend turned around to grab her stuff. When I got about halfway up the stairs I turned around to see if she might have needed any help since she wasn't moving. When I looked at her I saw her standing at where my living room meets my dining room and a black figure was coming towards her and she was just staring at it. I heard her whisper, "Megan?" And then I saw it completely engulf her, and then it backed off and went back from where it came. Needless to say she freaked out and ran toward me leaving her stuff there.


These experiences happened at my father's house.

The first experience I ever had at my father's house was one day when my sister and I were sitting on our computers in our room. We started talking, and then we started arguing. We were swearing at eachother and besides us the house was empty. When all of the sudden our room door swung open and then slammed twice. My sister started to cry and I was completely shocked.

Another time my sister and I were again sitting at our computers. This time we were just kind of doing our own things. But then we heard our alarm clock/radio slider click over - and then music started to play. My sister was, again, crying because she was so scared.

There has been a few more, but I'll write them up later.  


pinkspikes pinkspikes
22-25, F
Nov 24, 2007