The Truth The Way I See It (?)

I have yet found my kind of Kindred's who like the Cold and Wintry Like Climate, That I like seeing more of.  I made a Group here:  "I Like (Prefer) Total Solid Cloudy Sky's".  It's been on EP for 6 months by now and longer after this Story and I am about the only one still the Author of the Group.  Just a couple Odie's joined it, without the enthusiasm that I have for it. But that's it.

People really want the World to get Warm or Heat Up.  It's the Popular Main Stream Interest of most people and there is a Self Denial I think most are contending with on this.

Mind Me!  I don't care for all the Distorted Politics, but this Earth is definitely Heating Up.  Doesn't matter so much if it's Man Made or Natural to me.  I noticed that the Earth behaves on most people that go along with Popularity and Mainstream Interest and Desires.

If I was hearing the claims for Global Cooling and an Ice Age Approaching.  I find that I would be in Self Denial.  I wouldn't want to believe it, because if the Earth was really heading in that direction.  I wouldn't Care and Deny such claims.

Meanwhile?  Some people will experience the Frying, Burning and the Flooding's. This year now I have heard enormous amounts of flooding's and Heat Breaking Records. Yet, they will Still Deny Global Warming.  You can see it! But it mind blows me the Self Denial people take for wanting to go along what is the popular mainstream interest with this world.
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:: bljj2 :: You got a Point. Maybe I should be considering the Term: "Global Climate Change" How Ever Then? Something is happening and so, Whatever those things are, it's happening and I would then as well go with calling it: "Global Climate Change". Then the Earth faces erractic extremes. Perhaps non man made, but it's possible we will be facing a Polar Shift here soon also. That is the + Possitive North Pole's Magnitic Field Exits the North and Travels to the South's - Negitive Receiving Magnitic Field. Where it changes also ... The South Turns to the + Possitive Field and goes to the North being the - Negitive Field. I'm concerned this may mean 12/12/2012 - 12/21/2012?

I can't say I believe in global warming, in the past few years we (Philadelphia) have been having some of the coldest winters since the early to mid 90's. At the same time people are complaing about heat and global warming here because lately it's been so hot. But if they would have paid attention to the forecast to prior years it seems like rather than heating up our climate is doing a mini shift. For example August was normally the boiling point for us here and then we saw a decline in September and even more so in October and by November it was getting cold. Well now it seems like July is the boiling point and were getting progressively colder from there (on average) and by October it is pretty cold. Also our biggest winter occurrence is usually in February then goes down from there, this time it appeared to happen in January. So rather than point at global warming we should be saying "Global Climate Change" which lets be real here people is natural... If we humans thought that the climate was going to be the same forever well then were pretty dumb. Earth climate will change naturally on its own without any assistance from us, perhaps we made it change faster by our emissions? Definitely a possibility but to be honest me a person with limited knowledge on geography and meteorology I can only speculate that we only moved it up a few years at best and on the grand scheme of things with the Earth existing for 4.5 billion years that is nothing. Our existence is less than the bl<x>ink of an eye. Do I feel we should now continue to ignore the environment and keep guzzling gasoline and kill wildlife? Hell no! We should be looking into alternative fuel (how about electricity to start with?) and improving our environment not only to stop global climate change (which we need to accept it wont, mother nature will balance itself out with or without us) but to make things more efficient and less wasteful. I mean in a month from now a super volcano could erupt black out the sky and send us into a new ice age! Was that global warming? No just mother nature telling us she is awesome.<br />
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Personally I think petrol sucks, it is an inefficient energy source that produces to many hazards, waste products and damages our quality of life and if we need to trick the public into believing its causing global warming to make some new strides away from big oil than so be it. On top of that we need to be shutting down oil based power plants and move into more natural sources of energy (IE: Wind, Solar, Water) but here I thought that was common sense.<br />
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I do think Nuclear energy is awesome! But at the same time I think we need to learn more about it and become a more enlightened race before we start harnessing the power of atoms and setting up Nuclear Power Plants everywhere otherwise we are just like children playing with matches for the first time... Were gonna get burned.<br />
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Anyway I am done my rant! Nice post it was insightful!!!