Debating Is Over

I think I'm not alone in being extremely tired of trying to debate the existence of global warming or of man's impact on earth or of global warming's impact on man.  I've come to the point where the best thing I can do is just say "let's just see how things turn out and hope you're right and just have difficulties in persuading me of it."  The best I can hope for is that those of us who DO realize what is happening will already be equipped for change (as much as is possible at least) for when the rest of the population comes around.


And...I think this year was the first year people have actually started to realize and SEE the effects of global warming on a large scale...I won't be surprised when more people start shifting their opinion on it (again)...maybe even larger than the shift in public opinion that happened on this issue just a few years ago.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

<p>People most definitely have shifted their views on global warming, and have begun to be bolder in expressing their views. For instance, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in 2012 opened the UN General Assembly with a speech about global warming, declaring that many people were pretending not to see that which was plain to see in front of their eyes. Then in 2013, USA President Obama in both his Inauguration Address and in his State of the Union address said that the science behind climate change was clear and irrefutable.</p><p>Strangely enough even in the aftermath of President Obama's climate change speeches in 2013, there have been rumors that government officials in the USA have attempted to repress global warming findings. Most likely, history will view such officials similarly to the officials who repressed Galileo's astronomical findings in 1632.</p>