A Night With Him.

It was midnight then, when i started to think about on what’s happening to my life.. On how my life goes..

I start to recollect from all the experience i made and the things i went through.. Including my mistakes, and even the most happiest moment of my life! And from those experience, it made me this way… Easy go lucky, risk taker, self-centered, the path where im in, the lifestyle im into, the music i used to hear, how i think about life, death, suffering, love, happiness, loneliness, selfish desires, and even sex.. And i know that this went wrong.. I know! And also think about the problems i suffer right now..

There is one point of my life, when i feel so lonely, badly lonely! and it feels like i was burning inside.. My heart is so heavy and i dont know how to stand it anymore! All the emotions are bursting inside me and it is really so hard.. I endure all those pain on my own. And obviously im in need.. But i dont know who and how to share these.. Well, i know that someone will help me in a way. But i chose to keep it to myself and mend this only but me..

But all of a sudden, i found myself weeping and murmuring HIS name on my thoughts.. Asking for help, asking for forgiveness, asking to send me a new heart, a new mind and soul.. I cried out all the things that’s bothering me for so long.. I open my heart to HIM, and share all my pains to HIM..

And after that wonderful conversation with HIM. I felt so nice and at ease. I feel like a new born one! And it is amazing! I dont know exactly how i felt at that moment, i cant put them into words. But it felt so nice! Really! Well, definitely, that was the best moment of my life..

There’s so many changes i experience after that. How i look about life, death, happiness, loneliness, etc.. It leads me to a new path..

Honestly, it is so hard to change everything you used to. But just put on your mind that everything will be alright. Dont be scared to let go of everything you possessed and the things that is not healthy to your life. Open your heart to HIM and listen on what he has planned for you..

Though sometimes, i made mistakes, but im not afraid to learn from it. Because i believe that everything thats happening to our lives is planned by him, every single detail.. And has its own reason whether it is pleasant or not..

Remember, you are not accident. You are made to live and enjoy on what he created for us.. We suffer but in the end you'll meet salvation.

Now, you read the part of my life, and definitely i want to share it with you.. If you and me had the same experience and your’e into the most darkest hour your life.. Well, its time to look up and ask for help.. There is nothing to be ashamed of redeeming yourself to HIM.. :) After all, HE IS OUR FATHER.

mirmsmecca mirmsmecca
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010