I pray often and I'm grateful for all things I have and things to come. I wonder if he listens to me when I need him the most. "Hi dear heavenly father it's me Audrey are you listening?" How do you know if he really is listening?
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He ALWAYS hears you. He's your Father. What father doesn't eagerly listen to his child? God loves to hear from His children. He wants them to tell Him about their day (whether it was good or bad). He wants you to ask Him for help, guidance and wisdom. Know that the great and powerful creator of the universe happily bends down to hear each and every one of His children when they pray.

When you need Him most He's always right there - even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it. He promises that he will never forsake you - NEVER! No matter how hard you may stubble or how far you might stray, He will never give up on you nor ever leave your side.

You know because He says He does - and God CANNOT lie!
He may not answer your prayers in the manner you think He should, but He is the Father and we are the child. He knows what's best for us even when we don't and He will supply all our needs (not necessarily our wants).