I Believe In God, But Don't Think the Bible Is Perfect.

I feel that since mankind is not perfect and men wrote the bible and translated it, that the bible does not exactly match God or Jesus' thoughts or meanings. I think it is tainted by man's limitation and predjudices, but still weighs more to the side of what God and Jesus wanted.

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It makes no sense to me that just because a document is older that it needs to be considered more correct in as far as disc<x>riptions of God are concerned. It's like God was there then but is not here now so the people who lived then knew him better. Translations aside a persons vision or perspective is only as good as their ability to put it into words. Somethings are almost impossible to do so. The things of earth ( or matter ) are finite. The finite or linear thinking are the things we model our perspectives after. Words are linear except for asian picture writing and ancient symbols. The finite or that which has beginning and end expresses itself in a linear fashion. Words themselves are a very poor means of ex<x>pression. Ergo the saying one picture is worth a thousand words. How could something that has such difficulty in describing even something of it's own linear nature, be capable of describing the infinate.

I really think we all have our own paths to follow. What is important to the Lord in that we all end up with our hearts filled with love for him and others.<br />
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One day the world will learn that to love on another is much more beneficial then hating. We can only pray.

Man has interpreted the Lords words to fit his thoughts and take on what was said or shown to him (MAN).<br />
I have tried to read the bible in the past, but I truly believe God is in my heart and if I follow my heart and do what I feel the Lord wishes, then I am at peace with God.

leafwindblown, the bible is the only religous scriptures I know anything about. But I feel that man can not be completely accurite in any account of anything. Each man only can tell his side or view of the story and if he tries to tell from any other prospective, then it's conjecture. Not to mention the fact that when you translate anything from one language to another, there's not always a exact means of translation, so some meaning is lost.