Certain Things I Don't Believe

I believe in God but allot of the things in the Bible, including the stories from the bible.

Like, you HAVE to believe the exact words and not part of it, and I don't read the Bible anymore because I find it kind of sexist.

And the stories in it are kind of against feminism which I think is rediculous!


I get people telling me all the time "if you don't believe this and that, you will go to hell"

Some religious people my family knows don't like me because I support Gay rights.

Yeash, I believe in God and if he is as forgiving and loving as he claims, I will be forgiven for not believing everything I should.

And if not then I have wasted my life, lol. jks!

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2 Responses Dec 22, 2009

When God through the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible writers to write the books in the Bible He knew that people would misinterpret the Bible and that through the ages man would misuse and abuse the Bible for their selfish purposes. So God put into place some important safeguards that we need to take note of. When you study a Bible topic note down all that you can find in the Bible on that topic. The more information or references you can find in the Bible on that topic the stronger your knowledge will be on the matter. As you discover each Biblical reference you will quickly realize that each one is in harmony with the other. For example what John has to say about it in the New Testament does not conflict with what Jeremiah might say about it in the Old Testament, or even what Jesus says about it in the four Gospels. There is complete harmony and unity between Jesus and all the Bible writers. And so it should be because if Paul is correct when he says that all sc<x>ripture is inspired of God then you wouldn’t expect God to contradict Himself by inspiring John to say one thing and Jeremiah another and His Son Jesus something else. Oh no! They would all be in total harmony with one another. My God is not a God of confusion! He is a God of love and kindness and mercy and grace and forgiveness and off course justice and patience too. It is from this point of view that we should seek to find God in His word the Bible and I’m sure you would find Him there too. If you want to know what God is like just read the four Gospels about Jesus because he said that If we’ve seen Him then we’ve seen the Father (God). Jesus died for every sinner, and that include you and me and even your gay friends too. We’re all struggling from sinful tendencies, for example I might be struggling from hating people, you might be struggling from drug addiction, somebody else might be struggling in the area of forgiveness, and likewise our gay friends are struggling with their sexual orientation. There is divine power available to help us overcome sin no matter what that sin might be. With God all things are possible. Does God love gay men and women? Sure he does and he has the power to help them deal with their situation as with anyone else who is struggling with sin. That’s why Jesus came to die on the cross for us all. Remember this…..God is trying to get us all into heaven, not keep us out. If we don’t make it there then its by our own choice we don’t make it.


YIKES!! Sorry for the terrible spelling, lack of sleep is catching up with me, lol!