One who understands that church is not a building but indeed a fellowship. Jesus is the head of the church. To say that you are a christian yet saying you don't believe in church. It has been taught in the scriptures to not forsake the fellowship. Christians are blessed to have a sabbath to rest in the presents of other believers being lifted up and refreshed. Being a christian is being christ like. Where was Jesus on the sabbaths? In the fellowship teaching and edifying others.Our Goal as christians is to proclaim Christ and to be edified and or encouragers to other believers in the fellowship which we call church.
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bullshit but, what you are saying is almost all true. that is the intention of the church, but in many, Jesus is not at the head leading. the way the church had been set up is in a telephone game set up where to hear "the word of God" you have to listen to it told by the ones higher up the chain. Any one can unintentionally (or intentionally) misunderstand the message that's been passed down and corrupt a whole race. would you listen to a stranger on the street if he told you God wants everyone to stop drinking coffee because it's of the devil? if not then why listen to same message coming from a man on the pulpit. Because everyone else trusts him. the idea of church is good, but it's not made by God, it's made by man. the books were written by man, whether disciples of Jesus or not I cannot tell you. the rules are made by man. the teachings, taught by man. When I find a church that has stopped pretending to know what God wants of us and simply is there for believers to meet and sing praise I will believe in that.

So profound, a very good explanation.