There Is Something Out There

Great site. I grew up catholic, but it didn't stick. I always wanted to believe in god, heaven... an afterlife. Like everyone here. An afterlife? Eternity? According to my concept of eternity, that sounds terrifying! Right now I love yoga, so does that mean I get to do yoga forever? I don't.

I believe that there is (What they call a god). I believe that we are here for a reason, but it isnt dictated by where you need to be on Sunday.

Atheistism made sense, but believing that there is nothing is just as ridiculous as believing a blissfulness in white clouds. The reason being is that no one can define what happens when we die. We, as human beings, will never be able to define life after death.

There is an energy that persuades us. To be simplistic: it is negative or positive. If you want to be content as a person; you choose positive. We all want to be better people.

I haven't seen god but I have seen Positive & Negative Energy work a room. We have one life. Let's be our better self because it makes you and everyone a better person.

almoe almoe
1 Response May 8, 2012

thank you very much for explaining this.