I Know How Lonely Feels But I Know I'm Not Totally Alone.

Like I've said before I know God is with me. I feel something around me that gives me comfort when no one is around. But the desire to see another human being gets over welming. sometimes. I have different people from church I can talk to but not like my friend that passed away. We could talk about anything. And I mean anything. So used to picking up the phone calling her anytime even when she was sick we talked as long as she felt like it. Then I liked her brother and we broke up shortly after she passed I loved talking to him. I'm missing that to so much. I like to have a man's take on things sometimes, they know how to make things less dramatic. My friend and I would try to solve things but she and I both would sometimes blew things all out if proportion, then laugh about it later. I haven't shared this with anyone lately, people like to put a time limit on how long you can grieve or cry or miss people there is none. I didn't explain why I said I didn't believe in reiogion, I'm a Baptist but that word doesn't define me if you think being Catholic is strict being what people think Baptist should be is worse. I like having some kind of structure but people forget that when it comes to Christanity that MAN made some of the rules up as he went along. We got all these denominations but we are all supposed to be serving the same GOD and yet some churches still discriminate. That's when it get confusing I want to know what other people believe. I doesn't change my mind but I get to know the truth about it and not crazy stuff I heard.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Have you ever though about Islam, it is all about a personal relationship between you and God. It gives you complete structure to your life.Basicly Islam is ba<x>sed around the belief of one god. Not 2 or 3. He was not born and does not die, he does not have parents nor does he have children.Out of his mercy to humanity and jinns (the spirit world) God had sent messengers. Such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, JEsus, and Muhammad being the final. And many other prophets which I did not list and we do not know.Now had we been at the time of Noah the best way to get to know and understand God and workship God is through the teachings of the prophet Noah. And similarly for all other prophets. As Muslims we believe that currently the best way to worship god is through the teachings of the prophet MUhammad.HOw do I know that Muhammed, peace be upon him and all other prophets, was a messenger I hear you ask.Well just as all prophets had to prove their authenticity to validate their claim to prophethood they preformed miracles with the will of God. Just as Jesus spoke from the cradle, put life to the dead and so on, as Moses split the sea and so on..The prophet MUhammad had a miracle which is still available for you to see today. This miracle is the Quran.The Quran, which is a book that was revealed to an illiterate man (Muhammad) peace be upon him and all messengers prior to him, was a book that talks of many a phenomena. Some of which science has only come to concer with in recent times (50 or less years ago) using scientific developments. Some of these can be Briefly mentioned now such as ye following:- the big bang theory.- the expanding universe.- the spherical shape of the earth and it's rotation around the sun, And the orbits of the sun and the moon.- the embryology, and account of the pheotes' development in the wombs. - the water cycle.- the deepest seas and the varying pressures and different creatures in the depths.And many many more scientific facts which can't be explained logically due to the lack of scientific developments of the time (1400 years ago).Now with all of these fascinating scientific miracles of this book. There are many other miracles of it such as:- the Quran has not been change by a single letter since it was revealed 1400 years ago.- there is only one version of the Quran.- it is easy to memorise and currently there are over 10 million official memorisers of the Entire revelation, and many more not recorded.-if all books where to be burnt or thrown in the see the only book that will be bought back word for word punctuation for punctuation will be the Quran. Having stated all of these facts about the Quran, it becomes evident that it is not a normal book, which could not have been written by a man who couldnt read or write.It becomes logical to say that it was a revelation of the creator onto a messenger. If you find your self not wrestling with any of the above concepts then you are a Muslim too.. Let me know what you think. God bless you.