You Have Accepted Jesus- Now What?

If we pray for God to lead us in Jesus name he will. A spirit filled church-that is one alive and filled with God's spirit. Won't be based on religion but a real true relationship with Jesus Christ.
The scripture sums it up pretty well.

17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.Mark 16.

In Luke 11: 13 There's a hint given to ask for more of the Holy Spirit, This being also what Jesus came to do, to open up to us the ability to receive God's fire baptism & Holy Spirit.

This being the Spirit of God needed to be led of God,to hear his voice,the voice of the good Shepherd. God given gift of discernment to know difference from the Good Shepherd vs. the stranger's voice.

God will not go against his word,but confirms all with 2-3 confirmations. sIGNS wE do not follow- they are to follow us as told above Mark 16. But God confirms with like message, in His word, sent through his people,he speaks directly to our heart, his spirit comes on our flesh to bearing witness also.

So wherever we are supposed to be -so we can and are hearing the word of God will have a word in season-having to do with us, we will be encouraged to grow in the Lord,Obey the Lord,Seek God, Hear God, Be healed by Jesus and do what Jesus commissioned and sent us to do. Expect the impossible with God, God is faithful and thus and thus are His promises.

By following God this will change the course of your whole life giving you a good end, fruitful one, with many treasures in heaven, power available to us now,

WALK in GOD's power,

God is alive,


Delivers his people and wants to heal your heart and do supernatural things to his glory through you,

Causing you to walk in his will,doing his will,given the desire to do so,

Leaving the past behind and press forward,

Working all things out for good

,Laughing in the devils face-

Because God allowed and caused you to be strengthened through adversity,

Causing you to know your enemy,

Defeat your enemy(in the spiritual realm that is because our battle isn't the people but satan who influences them),

Trained as a soldier of God.

The JOY of the Lord resting upon you,

Learned how to walk in and have his peace,

Saying/Knowing I will make it to the other side,

God is for me not against me,

I shall and will overcome,

I have and bear the spirit of God,

Filled with the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead,

I have been called to be and filled with His light,

Jesus the light of the world has opened the eyes of my understanding,

Giving to me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in him,

Knowing the true power in Jesus resurrection,

No greater joy than to be in his will,

In his light, nothing sweeter than this will one ever find-

I serve my King Jesus and he causes me to rise above,


GO THROUGH all things,

I know this is because of his grace,love,mercy.

I have done nothing but except his gift and seek God face.

I can't even do any of this in my own strength,

it is by his very spirit I do this.

No condemnation,his mercy is new everyday,

learning step by step to leave behind my former sins,

for God purges,cleanses me,

I want to do what is right in the sight of God, He is molding me,

and I will and am getting better with each step,

- I will know God,follow God with all my heart,

I will know his call and will for me,

I will finish this race and win by the fact that Listening to his wisdom and never turn back.

Repent and turn quickly when His voice and spirit beckons,

never run in shame,

for his grace is sufficent for me and

lifts me up when I fall,

I will get back up even stronger.


I am on here for online ministry and also to let Christians know to get ready,stay ready,alert,focused on God,Draw closer than ever, do all that God has said to stand,horrible darkness is coming,many warnings,visions, dreams are being given to the Body of Christ around the world, it's cool how they all are of one accord,alike, and bearing the same witness, this is how God's spirit works you know, so even the ones my church have been getting for the last 2 yrs are lining up and agreeing with others on youtube & etc.
I have noticed, in ACTS we are told of this, and God is waking up sleeping,lukewarm Christians-getting them to seek him for strength,deliverance,forgiveness,and for God's Holy SPIRIT to increase in us in Jesus name, Luke 11:13, We don't want to be of those that have not because they ask not, or those that put God in a box,therefore limiting him through of unbelief, disobedience, won't even let God lead us because it might be uncomfortable, or inconvenient.
God wants us in his safety and about his business, he is getting the harvesters ready and still using others now but the great harvest is coming.THIS is not the season to draw back or many of his people will be taken out because they refused to watch,pray,stay alert and be lead by God's spirit.
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