God's Love In Life and Death

I love this song. It makes me cry though.Let be to represent those who have served Jesus to their death. Even to those who were and will be saved right in time before they die, let them be re-united with Jesus before they die.

This song reminds me of my mother's death she died 5 yrs ago from cancer. Her death made me cling to God. She was lead to Jesus by God using me 2 yrs before her death. She was attacked greatly to stop the call God had on her life and refused fight and didn't know how to be honest. But my God is good He led me to pray and intercede for her to pray her to her death to say. I had to stand in faith for God to take her because she was in such pain and down to looking like a skeleton as she was dying and dying quickly within 3 months of be diagnosed with cancer. God told me one day while praying over my mother that the only thing I hadn't done was to pray and fast for her death. So I started a fast right then and the next morning she died at about 10am I received the call at work.

So God is faithful to save our family. Trust Him to use you. My mother didn't even raise me but God allowed me to get to know her the last 2-3 years of her life. God used my mother's only child that they tried to kill when she was pregnant with to lead her to Jesus.

Do you know how powerful that is?

My God is great!

As my tears flow for how awesome my God is, the pain is all worth it in the end. I will continue to let my heart bleed out for these people. Jesus love for all the people should be more than enough to make your heart cry out for God to use you and allow your heart to break like His does for the people that are lost.

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Beautiful post thank you for sharing it :D

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

Thanks...I like it too!

great song