I love to pray for people when they need some extra help:)
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I feel that the Lord has turned his back to me.

I'm sorry, I cannot tell you not to feel that way because Jesus felt the same on the cross. Some people say that a teacher never talks while you're being tested but I wanna remind u of this: "Keep on seeking and you will find!" Matthew 7:7 spoken by Jesus, the most perfect revelation of God, and also "I would not have told my people to seek me if I could not be found." Isaiah 45:18 spoken by God himself. I know from experience that He is not a man to lie so I pray that as you seek Him, He will reveal Himself to you in the most powerful way and like never before! Amen.

I have been a Christian missionary over 30 years and I want to tell you this: Although I love Jesus it is darn difficult to 'FOLLOW' him.

so true this walk gets hard but I think God just want us to trust and depend on him more as live gets tuff for all believers

He loves you man! His silence is not His absence.

he say in his word that he will never leave or forsake you

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