There's Something There

We're not all here because of some great cosmic coincidence. I believe in science, but there's a huge part of me that refuses to die that doesn't just believe, but feels and knows that there is a divine power up there somewhere. But, just because I believe in God, doesn't mean I have to like everything He does. He is a spiteful, loving, destructive and beautiful creator. In spite of everything, He is there, whether or not I want Him to be. I am my own strength, but I can't help but wonder who gives me that strength. I control my actions, but I can't help but wonder who gives me the power to control my actions. No matter what I choose to do, I believe that God is there. The only problem is, that's likely not enough to get me into heaven. Nonetheless, I acknowledge His prescence, and what else I choose to do with that acceptance will come later.
fadingvioletdawn fadingvioletdawn
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2011