Someone Tell Me Why

Am i wrong is how i feel wrong this has been on my mind for 2 weeks now and i can't understand everybody else thinks i'm wrong i take me as i am i see my faults i'm fat a cry-baby weedhead and bipolar i know who i am and i'm fine with me i feel i don't need to force on my look i'm not going anywhere or doing anything whats the point of getting dress up and my hair done to sit at home i'm starting school too when i go to school i keep my hair in ponytail i feel as long as i have a nice ponytail and clean matching clothes i'm fine i don't even go to school everyday i sit at home my people think i'm selling myself short cause i don't put up the extra effort to make my self look pretty i feel i don't need to its to much for how i'm living i go nowhere don't want to go nowhere why cause there is nowhere to go i sit at home all day and the extra money that is needed for the make yourself pretty i don't need my hair done for what to sit here i'm not looking to talk to a guy i'm on me our family friend thinks i'm wrong he says "dont judge a book by its cover and all parts should be pretty" i told him i don't need a cover i want to show the world me as God made me when God made it was not no extras it was me just me he said "i'm selling my short i should want to look pretty and think it" i told him i do think i'm pretty i know i'm cute i look good but i want be me this is me i want people to see the real me as is no extras no making myself pretty cause i am already cause God made me i am i don't need all that others stuff why cant i just look like this and be cute why the extras my friends and family tell me i'm wrong how am i wrong when all i want is to be the way God made me pure as is humble in myself with myself i am so why need the other stuff

janiceisdayna janiceisdayna 31-35, F 4 Responses May 18, 2008

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thank you you stay strong too god is with us i have faith

You tell them! I wish my husband would think more like you. I am overweight, had lost a lot of weight and then put it back on again, plus some. My husband gets on me a lot about my weight and how I should want to look better and how if I dont lose the weight I will end up being unhealthy. Honestly..I think he just wants me to lose the weight because he doesn't want a FAT wife. That's all it is with him. God loves us, no matter what. My children love me, no matter what. That is ALL that matters to me! :) Stay strong!

thank you

I think you are right. : )