Everything's Falling to Pieces.

I believe in God with every part of me... and i pray everynight for him to take my pain away... but i dont know if he hears me.. cuz i still feel pain.. and things keep getting worse.. i feel like i've been abandoned..

Fatty92 Fatty92
18-21, F
3 Responses May 1, 2009

i'm sure he won't abandon you. sometimes he just takes time to act and help...because he is in a diferent time line kinda. but never stop beliving in him :)

Aw. If you wanna talk I'm here. <br />
<br />
I've gone through a lot of depression and sadness myself, and I only recently kicked it into the gutter.

God/Goddess is here and heres your pain, they are working on your problem,,, Love is being sent to you from above and below,,,hang in there,,,anwsers sometimes take a little time to get to us,,,please believe me when I tell you God/Goddess loves you very much,,,and if you want to talk I am here for you too,,,mary