It's Getting Harder To Be Positive

I have always been a religious person. I believe in God with all my heart and although I am no longer a regular church goer, I still pray and talk to the Lord daily.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in life (mostly downs it seems), but my faith has carried me through. I am thankful that after all I have been through over the years, I have managed to get by and remain relatively unscathed. However, I have to admit that it is getting harder everyday to reamin positive about my experiences.

Despite living a good life and trying to always make the right decisions, I continually find myself in difficult situations. What do you do, when you have exhausted all of your resourses and it still is not enough? What do you do when you can't catch a break? What happens when you are at risk to lose everything? How do you overcome your problems when enemies attack you relentlessly?

I always manage to get by, and I suppose I should be grateful for that, but when will the trials end? Will I ever see a day of peace and prosperity? I know there are so many others, worse off than I but there are so many others doing better.

Is it wrong of me to want more? Is it wrong of me to ask God for more? I keep praying but I'm starting to think He isn't listening to me. Maybe I have been wrong all of these years and the truth is that God doesn't really care.

If God has a plan for my life, I certainly can't figure out what it is.

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Have a look through the 'I am an Atheist' section of the site. Lots of us were in your position once. You'll find reasonable answers to all your questions there, and be made very welcome.

Hi there!<br />
I'm not going to get all spiritual on you and start preaching about God, that's not my thing.<br />
Wanting better days..even though the days that you've had so far have been alright, there's nothing wrong with that. We're only human..wanting more is in our nature..don't feel bad about it and praying for something better is redeamable, especially if you are thankful for what you have gotten thus far dear.<br />
Take care.

Thank you, for your kind words. I have been holding on to similar beliefs all of my life. <br />
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I still love my God and I still hope for change but I have been struggling through life for years. I am fortunate to have the love and support of family, so I have manged to get by. <br />
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I have just grown weary. I would like so much to stand on my own, to be the one in a position to help others, instead of the one always in need. It's hard to accept that years to us, are nothing to God. When God asks us to be patient, We could be in for a long wait!<br />
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Somehow, things always work out for the best. Although, I really could use fewer surprises! If He would just let me in on what He is up to; I might feel better.

Hello, and thank you very much for your post. It must have been divine fate that I found this post, because truly I thought I was reading something I had written myself about my own life. The experiences are so similar! I was exactly where you are about a month ago. I felt like my life was going nowhere. I just wanted to tell you not to give up on faith and God. We all get frustrated and upset with God now and again. We'd be lying to ourselves if we said otherwise. But remember, God never puts in our path challenges and obstacles we cannot handle, or he is not prepared to assist us with. Maybe these challenges are tools, and devices to show to not only the ones in our lives, but to ourselves, just how much we can handle! And if you feel you just can't make it through, ask the Lord for strength, and guidance. Also remember that once we have accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts, he will never leave. He will never abandon us. <br />
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I wanted to share briefly with you about a recent experience that I am still going through. I received a new position at the college I work at. I am the Bakery Supervisor, yet my boss pulls me away to do countless other responsibilities! I feel like I'm being pulled in 20 different directions, and I was convinced that I would never get a promotion because I felt he did not care for me. That's why he was putting so much on me: to make me quit, or so I thought. I forced myself, and ask the Lord for strength to get me through this school year. I forced myself to accept any challenges that are to come my way, and to face them with grace and determination, and say to myself, "I will succeed. I will get through this!" Because of my attitude, I am up for a promotion soon! All my hard work and struggle is going to pay off! Never has anything like this happened to me before. I had ALWAYS worked hard in the past, and have gotten screwed in the end by the same people I called friends and co-workers. But there was this voice that kept telling me to "hold on, this is not for you", and to "wait for the thing that IS for you." I waited, and finally I may see the fruits of my labor.<br />
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I hope this comment is a comfort to you, and that you do hold on. God is listening. He may not answer our prayers in the ways we expect, but he does answer them. And the things and situations he blesses us with now may not seem significant, but God is looking at the bigger picture! Take care, and contact me if you have any questions/concerns. God Bless.<br />
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