The Fairy Tale Thing

It occured to me that to believe that the universe and life just happened and wasn't created is more of a fairy tale than believing in God creating it.  I mean did the universe just magically appear from nothing?  For me, believing that The Almighty God created everything is way less of a fairy tale than believing it magically appeared from nothing.  Really.
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Thanks for the comments. I too use the word God even though I don't quite see Him in a biblical sense. But I do believe Him to be a living being, of course much superior to us. And as I've once read, "It is out of God's thoughts the universe was created." It is He who knows how it all works and the purpose of it all. And He could easily have created life in other parts and times in the universe.

it had to come from something .... people like to call it "God" ... yes I think it's God. But I don't buy into God being this big figure ... this big person who sits in the clouds with Jesus at his feet watching over us ... the only form of life in the whole universe. I think God is so much bigger than that. I think we are not the only universe. I think God is more of an energy. God is a thing not a person not something you or I can even begin to fathom. We can't see or touch it. Yet we do everyday. Makes sense yet it doesn't. Idk I'm just rambling again I tend to do that.