Your Creation Is Awesome, God!

I am looking for other songs of Juan Luis Guerra, and found this one at YouTube... i don't know almost the whole song's lyrics meaning, but... I guess this is a love song ^^, and since i heard of him becoming a Christian, I guess he dedicated this song to God??

Anyway... looking at the images as the background of this song, i once again realize that i believe in God, my beloved Creator, and how things all gonna be alright ^^,

Here's the link to that beautiful song and images :)

too bad i can't embed the video here for you to see that instantly....
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I have heard his songs one is about being soldiers for Jeus

haha ^^ thank you Carpediem8 ^^, glad u like it :)

Thank you OnewithJC for the blessing ^^, Right back at you!

yes Unsha... i believe so ^^, it's just my figure of speech of love as romantic love between man and woman :)

God is Love my dear friend.Blessings to you and all at home.

i gotta add here, this is really a love song! lol.. and not dedicated to God ^^, i have seen the lyrics and its translation in English... lol....but i one day will dedicate this to my love :))