I Believe In God.,i Also Believe We Have An Alter Ego

Yes i do believe in the God within us all, but i also believe there is something evil within us. this has nothing to do with mental illnesses such as ocd, scizophrenia as well as others,these have to do with brain chemistry. i believe and i could be wrong that in a pocket of the unconscious there is evil CARL JUNG called it the shadow self. an example of it is the story of doctor jeckyl and mr. hyde the point i am trying to convey is doctor jeckyl was good. but his alter self took him over and got him to commit murder. This dark side,s existance came to be when we walked away from GOD,S command not to want the knowledge of evil within our consciousness once we took evil in ourself we broke the direct contact we once had with god, we still have contact thru the Christ within the medieator between god and man the closer you get to the Christ the less your dark side becomes. JESUS was connected to god at all times but evenJesus had his own battle with his own dark side ,and satin himself.i think we do to.
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I agree with some of the things u say.<br />
I also believe thats its due to us not knowing our true selfs'<br />
Conflict arises in a divided mind one who has opposing beliefs. . But hey you might get a clearer picture here<br />
<br />
Www.love-themeaningoflife.com and something u should check out first is the gospel of thomas which is interpreted in a way that will surely give u understanding and more. Its on the first page at the bottom.<br />
<br />
Goodluck and love brother

thanks my friend

I believe there is a god or higher power, I also know it is not me.I take responsibility for my own actions though, I do not blame some internal unknown alter ego.

the evil you see on the earth is the evil side taking a person over

the alter ego can be linkedto Dr,jekell and mister hyde both were one an the same person