God Really Cares For Us!!!!

Let me explain you in detail.....

In our life time we come across many problems, it is just because of GOD! YES!

God sometimes feel to teach us some different things to face the world. Until unless we come across some problem in life, we dont understand how to face. This is the responsibility of God to teach us.

Friends, however the problem is God want to teach us. So be cautious about this and be positive about god and life....

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I guess that the 2005 Indonesian Tsunami that killed 200,000 people including small children was a challenge for the drowning people to solve and learn something from it... you know, how big crushing waves are supposed to teach you to have a religion and all, specially when you are, like, 5 years old and die this way.

you right...sometime it hurt when you got a problem...but at less we have God to stay with us and make us feel comfort...and i know He always be there for us...

I believe God does lead us into temptation and then He sees if we can GET OUT ALIVE... He will not lead you into temptation without providing a DOOR OUT, which is the TEST if you can see the DOOR out amidst the trouble.

Okay I'm going to mix this up a little and go out on a limb. The way that I was brought up which was in a Godly household, was to follow God and his ways. Now, I have nothing againist God and I do believe in him, but does he still love me knowing that I am not leading the right life according to his teachings. We all know that it says for a man and women to be together in the bible. What about me and the fact that I like girls? Does he still love me then? My family has decided to disown me because I choose this. Is it wrong for me to feel this way, and was I tempted? Because I believe love is love no matter how it comes.

It's a part of his creation, every creature in this world is unique with different qualities!. Because he loves, he has given you birth in this world. Never mind of your family, they may be right ppl to you. You have lot of life and your own wishes full fill them and enjoy!

Thank you for your reply and I hope to full fill my dreams despite what they think. You are kind!

just do it !!! Life is very short, just full fill al your desires and dreams !! dont ever think of others!

My wish is that they will see that I can do great things such as get my degree and still be a lesbian. There are worst things in the world you know. :-)

let the worst things be as such!! dont bother ! worst is when we feel it worst ! dont feel it worst friend ! very simple logic!

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Nice message about God. He gives us "trials".


I beleive we go through things sometimes to help us to actually seek Gods face and ask him for his help so that we can have a relationship with him and pray and talk to him as a friend.And he does help us in life and answer our prayers because he loves us and from the creation of adam and eve God just always wanted a relationship with us and to walk with us and obey his commandments and be our friend. Our God is an awesome God!!!

thank you for sharing, i believe in god too.

I believe but I don't think God Teaches us by giving us problems I think we do that

God gives us problems TO SOLVE to TEACH US.

To many times prepare us for something Greater in Life.

Very well said....I believe that God helps you when you least expect it, and he is there when you need him the most...he knows when you can handle it or when you can't...some things can't be explained, that is how i know..

So true in many ways! I just wish more people could realize this. :) You're very wise.


I know God guides me through life by helping me make good choices and letting me learn from my mistakes.God's gift to me is my family and my precious friends.

Thanks! Dont ever miss your family. ALL the best