Thank You God!!

I m really happy, God has given me one solution to my problem. And its up to me, how I use this chance. I will do it God, I will not ruin your hopes on me........Thanks for your blessings!!!! Love you
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yes yes , god is less loving than a person, he gives u something then takes it away and on top of that makes ur life worse than it was when u had recieved his blessing,<br />
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Come on man, People have to stop spreading the news of the anything but god who is supposedly jealous angry and ready to punish all of us who dont submit to whats written in a book written be pervert priests and materialistic minds only to control the masses.<br />
<br />
God is much more than all the good humanity can create together,<br />
U may ask have i know god? not personally but i have felt him in love<br />
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for all those who would like to get a clearer picture of life and god .<br />
Blessings and love

Your history only goes back to a few owner preists? Sweetie, dig deeper.

I want to hear your response a year from now. I'm betting you are not going to be feeling the same way. I've seen countless cases of God giving someone something and then taking it away and making their lives ten times worse. I hope this doesn't happen to you but if it does you will find no mercy from those cheering for you here. Christianity is summed up in one phrase: " There but for the mercy of God go I ". Translation: I'm glad it happened to him and not me.

God is always faithful to us. And i believe whatever comes our way, we will be able to handle it if we have faith and trust in God.

yeah true!

Your faith will see you through any thing that life brings your way.

Do your best always, it does not mater, it will pay of somehow.

yes true! !!!

Our God is an awesome God!!!AMEN!! i'm glad that God is helping you in all areas of your life. God has helped me through so many things in my life!! May God bless you always my friend!

yes!! thanks a lot!

yes GOD is great .

yes GOD is great .