I Believe In God based On The Evidence.

I believe in the God of the Bible based on the evidence.

That evidence is all around us in the works of Creation which can be experienced by way of all our senses.

Our very existence is determined by a set of principles so finely balanced that small degrees of change would result in annihilation of our planet.

The Bible is further evidence to the existence of God, it being the word of God sets forth how we came to be here and the purpose of our existence and final destiny.

The Bible is not addressed to just anybody. Its message is directed to a chosen few. Whether these few are chosen by God in a sovereign act of election or are chosen because they meet certain qualifying conditions I leave to each one to decide as he may, knowing full well that his decision will be determined by his basic beliefs about such matters as predestination, free will, the eternal decrees and other related doctrines. But whatever may have taken place in eternity, it is obvious what happens in time: Some believe and some do not; some are morally receptive and some are not; some have spiritual capacity and some have not. It is to those who do and are and have that the Bible is addressed. Those who do not and are not and have not will read it in vain. A W Tozer.

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U make God seem like a mean kindergarden teacher who has favorites.:)<br />
There is no such thing as god having favorites, we are all made by him, all destined to know him and get home. How little they make God in their sc<x>riptures, yes men of so called high status who have adulterated the bible and made omission so that people cant reach HiM, Believe me if the whole truth was written in the bible we would have a world filled with Christs and there would be only love and my needs and urs and everyone else's needs would be take care of by everyone. <br />
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But how small they make him when they say He walked around the garden of Eden which was supposedly on earth ha looking for Adam and Eve who 'were' hiding after 'they' had eaten from the forbidden tree, God playing hide and seek yeah not knowing where others are hiding? Or Him being vengeful and angry and Jesus dying for our sins? He died to show us the way and that love for each other is the only way. God didnt hide the truth in the bible, Ignorant fools who have been controlling mankind and leading them anywhere but to God but our time has come brother, and when we are equal in knowledge it will be realized that we were always equal in worth. <br />
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www.love-themeaningoflife.com give it a shot:)