Although Maybe Not In The Way That You Do


My God isn't Yahweh. Or Allah.
He's not the Buddha.

My God doesn't exist... and yet my God is everywhere.

My God is your God. My God is you. My God is me.

My God is the sunrise. My God is the waves crashing on a beach.

My God is a rock concert or an Italian opera.

I could go on and on.

One thing I know about God is that he does not tell me what to do which means that if you are telling me right from wrong, then you are not listening to my God. My God wants us to communicate with one another. My God wants us to love one another.

My God wants us to argue... not to fight... but to figure it out.

My God doesn't give me the answers so that I can write it in a book. My God gives me a brain so that I can figure it out.
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Yet you don't know your God for your God is you, and if you truly knew yourself you would know your need. You would sense the emptiness of your life, even if you were raised by two good parents. Yet the time will come when you can no longer deny this, because the fear of death will touch your soul. Until then boast of your glory but it will fade, trust in your knowledge but when disease hits and your mind is taken what then will you put your trust in. Only faith in Christ will endure when all else fails.

do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


I believe in God. Born Roman Catholic and I try to follow the paths of love, Jesus talked about. Not always an easy thing to do.I don't believe in everything the Bible told but take the essence of it. This essence can be found in every religion and it's always the power of love that makes the world go round.

interesting concept. Although my god is a lot like yours.....

I like this. Your God is beautiful and I am adding this belief to my own of and in God. Thanks for posting Joey.

I think your God may be my God :)

Mine is everyone's

Sounds like my google/android-powered cell phone. Tithes are accepted if you're worshiping my cell phone. PM me for my phone's paypal account.

Interesting view. Never heard anyone with this perspective. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

I think you've done a better job summing this up in <1 page than some people who have written books on the topic. Your stories/posts in general are very interesting and well-thought-out. Keep on writing!

Over 1000 views. I hope more people continue to come here. :-)

There is only one true and living God and He died for all our sins. And if you are serving yourself, you aren't serving God.

Uh huh. Jesus never proclaimed himself to be God. The Holy Trinity was something man contrived. Jesus was a martyr, but he would have gladly lived another 30 years, had that option be made available to him. I serve mankind. Sometimes, that means taking care of me first. Have you actually read any of Jesus' parables? At no point does he advocate for being lazy and naive.

God in the OT said I Am Who I AM. Jesus said he was I AM 23 times in the gospels.

And in John 4:25-26 this is what He said to the Samaritan woman.

25 The woman said to him, “I know that Messiah is coming (he who is called Christ). When he comes, he will tell us all things.” 26 Jesus said to her, I who speak to you am he.”

uh huh. Books written by man. God talked to me last night. Says the Bible has the right spirit, but anyone who takes it literally is missing the point.

You are listening to the wrong God then. Only written by man in that it was their hands which wrote what God told them to say.

How could you possibly know that their God is any different from mine? Let's also not forget that those ancient scripts were written in ancient dialects of Hebrew and sanscrit and have been translated many times. Have you ever played the telephone game? I'm telling you, God says you're missing the point. The secret sauce is eluding you.

Their gods are all dead. No matter how many times it is translated, the message stays the same.

No, the point is there is only 1 true and living god, and the rest are DEAD.

What have YOU been reading? God's don't die.... they aren't ALIVE! A God either exists... or not. Your statement seems to suggest that there are other Gods? That's a curious statement.

There are other false gods. You talked of Buddha, allah or whatever your god is. You are the one to mention other gods. You can worship anything, but anything other than the 1 and true living God, the rest is just idols.

My God is your God. But, is the same God as Allah and all the others. He told me this.

No my God is Yahweh and you said yours wasn't. So can't be the same as mine.

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God is not a pronoun

Is that all you have to offer?


thank you so much for your contribution. It's appreciated.


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although I do not agree with you post much (I agree a little) and although I do not fully get it, I like it!

Your comment confuses me a little, but I like it! :)


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<br />
He, you said. Your God is a he?

English is a limited language. God is certainly not an it, but God is neither a literal he or she.

I have no problem conceiving of God as an "it". It certainly makes more sense than either he or she when referring to the Source, which is not male, not female, and certainly not human. But I do like your thoughts. Perhaps I was just in a teasing mood when I posted :)

I couldn't agree more. God gave us brain to think and figure out things for ourselves. And it has been long before the written history of man that we are asking and acknowledging questions endlessly.<br />
And centuries has made possible to provide us written guidelines to figure ourselves from them. To compare and figure out, to analize and reject (afterall). And time and again we still ask questions for ourselves. We acknowledge God. But then time and again we know that it is not because we acknowledge that would justify us, neither our good works/words. It's his kindness that would do to us. It's having Faith. And "He commanded us to love one another".

Perfect. :)

Hi, I am of the same train of thought as you Penonymous. I have been studying the Bible because like many, brought up to be a believer. Having read some I couldn't,t read any more. It's so cruel. <br />
I however believe If we are kind, loving and try to help others should they need help we are on the right track. If we can appreciate ALL living things , the world and everything that is in it and not hurt or destroy anything we are on the right track. We are spirits in human form and have total free will. We are connected with everything that surrounds us. I believe that we are connected with spirits who have gone before and indirectly we are supported and maybe by them should we be spiritually aware. We are here to look after and protect the world we live in. I have difficulty believing in a loving God. A loving God who sent his son knowing that the people needed to, according to prophecy and therefore Gods will, commit these atrocities, by so unbelievably and cruelly putting this human being to death by scourging, beating, torturing and finally crucifying so that God saying will then forgive our sins. In the Bible God sent out nation against nation , sent famines, plagues, floods, to destroy his people. Major fear, heaven and hell. Portrayed as the Bible says is this our loving God. Ooooooooooo do you think this sounds good.

Prophecy? I don't believe in project either. I am every bit Gid's son as Jesus was. Jesus was tortured because too many people couldn't face reality. He never wanted a religion built in his name.

I too believe in God, although I really don't know what that means and I don't think we are supposed to. To me God is that which gives everything life whatever that may be. I see God whenever I open my eyes in everything I see no matter what direction I look, but I do not believe God is an all powerful and seeing being. I do not believe that praying to God accomplishes anything but giving the person doing the praying comfort, strength or whatever which is not a bad thing. I do think that people need to realize that it is us, ourselves, mankind we need to believe in. God is not going to change anything, mankind is the only option we have. Mankind has created all the issues we as a species face and mankind is the only way these issues will change. I am affraid that by the time most people realize this it will be to late.

No such thing as too late, at least not in this context.

Sounds like my God or the God I'm currently discovering.

Wow. It certainly seems like a great amount of gnosticims or something of that sort is spreading around. Interesting stuff. Interesting yet somewhat scary stuff...

scary? Why?

I'll be honest. It scares me somewhat to know or rather believe that there is something out there that I can feel but can't quite seem to put my finger on. At the end of the day it seems as though we are all just picking straws hoping that we do not get the short one. Don't get me wrong, I do not live in fear, personally I feel closer to the being that I call God now more than ever. No one tells me what to do or where to go, I am left to work out my own salvation so to speak. I believe that I am on the right track, but with so many definitions of "god" I wonder. We can't all be right. And even though I believe it is not about being right, I still wonder how close or how far I am. But as someone has already stated, it is more about trying than getting it right. I hope that made sense.

I really enjoyed your post. And the comments as well. We moved to the South 7 years ago and even though I know that there are people who can think and feel more or something other than what's written in a book, I haven't met them in person. Or maybe I have?<br />
<br />
Learning, questioning, experiencing and accepting is not doubting. It is a bit lonely sometimes though. <br />
<br />
Like when your closest friend tells you that You don't believe in anything because you beleive that there are many paths to God. <br />
<br />
Sad. But doesn't change what is in my heart.

Have faith that eventually, more will see the light. (that statement has an ironic twist to it)

I like this definition. The only thing I would change (because I am in a position to do so) is to change from a capital "G" to a lowercase "g" god. If there is some all-powerful force, it gave us the power to think for ourselves.

I am God, you are God, we all are God. God is the world, the universe, and everything else everywhere. At least that is what I believe, but I don't really refer to it as God. I consider myself Agnostic and I don't really know what that enlightening, spiritual feeling really is.

I agree with this 100%. While I feel all these things, I feel like if I said God existed I'd be nuts. So I call myself agnostic. I also believe that if God is some great omnipotent being, he's not offended. I am only human after all. How could I truly wrap my head around such a concept? I think God understands that.

Wow. I REALLY like that. God, I'm whatever form, will understand whatever we believe, so long as we try. We are human. We are imperfect.

I my thoughts exactly. My god is everything that is and all that is not. The infinite, the finite. Thank you!

Sounds like we have the same interpretation of God :)

God is the thing in my life I can never quite pin down or put my finger on....