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I believe that as we grow spiritually, and just in life in general, through our experiences etc, we are able to discern better what is best for ourselves. Not one of us can claim to know the truth, if belief was based on fact it would cease to be belief wouldn't it? You have no reason to believe you have thumbs because you can see them, that requires no faith. But faith dictates that you believe in something without any evidence whatsoever. That is the essence of faith. So how can you and I or anyone else claim to have proof that what we believe is indeed the truth or a fact. We cannot. If God exists, it is the being that is God that leads man to repentance, not our human efforts. Granted a certain part of this revelation of God lies within our power, that is our mental faculties and our ability to feel connected to something more than ourselves, but eventually, we must come to the realisation that any revelation that we get as to what exists beyond us is simply beyond us and not in our control.

So with that said, I see no point to argue that perhaps one religion is superior to the other, or God does or doesn't exist. Our experiences will eventually lead us to some truth. Whether that truth be relative or not, it is some form of truth. Therein lies the phenomenon of God and religion. What's real to you is not necessarily what is real to me.

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I admire people who believe in something, often that "something" don`t let them think

That is very true. But we were given the ability to think critically for a reason. I think to dismiss logic can be at times foolish. BUT, people often choose not to question things because they are afraid of what they might discover.

Re Scorpio1987.<br />
I believe there is a full revelation of God contained in the Bible and in the recorded life of Jesus.<br />
Faith is another factor, but in the 21st century we have access to more information than those who became followers of the teaching of Jesus and the disciples so long ago.<br />
If the Bible was not the word of God it would have become obvious as time passed, and as you are probably aware the Bible has been under such scrutiny by man and has stood the test of time as to it's veracity, if the Bible is not the word of God then God can be all things to all people.

Hey Churinga. Thanks for your comment. That is your opinion and I respect that.

True you say about FEAR; but if True Love surrounds you there need not be any fear; for it would cloud your vision to its sight... Doubt Love and it might become a demon coloured in by your fears.

I agree.

Sometimes it is easy to understand our fear only keeps us in doubt.

Sometimes fear is a healthy thing. An acceptance of our own mortality is something should be afraid of. Acknowledging fear does not mean one is weak, it simply shows that you are aware of the dangers of certain things that others might deem harmless. The basic instinct of fear can be a useful tool. But like anything, there must always be a balance.

If we know God exists BECAUSE you have seen HIM literally work in your life then we have a problem... Then we can't do something "wrong" saying "but we didn't know". If you don't know God exists maybe your sentence would be lighter... But beware if you know and f*u.cK up!!! <br />
<br />
Believing thus becomes irrelevant if you CAN SEE HIM ba<x>sed on your post; knowing He is there; you don't have to believe because that would mean that you doubt whether He is there or not - if belief is to believe in something unseen and you can in fact see HIM there's no room for doubt; no need to believe; only to KNOW.

Indeed. But the presence of doubt does not negate the existence or reality of a thing. It only reflects the lack of understanding or knowledge that the doubter has which causes him to doubt that which he strongly believes in. And since no human being has attaied absolute knowledge, it stands to reason that the element of doubt be present in the absence of full understanding.