Yes, I Believe

I go to chruch every Saturday at 6:00 PM, go to holy Thru masses, Easter Mass, and all other masses too. I believe in God, and believe that he has created everything. (Except for machines and clones of course.) But anyways... I sometimes hear the voice of Jesus. Some may think I'm crazy... but whatever.
Vipy Vipy
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Hearing the voice of God is mandatory for eternal life!
Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Why do you believe in a God? Is there any evidence?

The truth of the word of God is all the evidence needed. Believe in the truth or suffer the consequences... There is weeping and gnashing of teeth... Sela

The last time he talked to me there was no chairs before the cross. He said that I should sit before the cross during the homily. But I never got off my seat to do so, someone told me that probably was God's calling to me, if so then I am screwed anyhow. Um, twins are different then clones. Clones probably have problems still, like the female clones that can't give birth, or the male clones that drop dead after two days like the movies about clones.

I say you are on the right track!

yeah, I sure I will :)

He Speaks in a small clear voice, if you pray, you too will hear him deep inside your heart!!!!!!

Your welcome, and I am just waiting for more things he will say to me. :)

Thats awesome, thanks for sharing your story. I go to church and I am heavily involved with my Church and there are moments I hear GOd speak to me in my heart so I understand where your coming from!! Awesome!

2000 years ago when someone heard voices in their head they were deemed prophets, now we know that they're just crazy.

Something tells me you are hearing a few voices of your own... Better get Jesus!

I hear God too, in my heart, not in my ears. I know that it is Him because whatever he tells me agrees with His word and is usually positive.

Well, he usually tells me to listen in chruch, cause sometimes I feel tired. So, he tells me to pay attention to what the bible veruses are. And the homily. But other times he speaks to me during the bible readings.

If you hear the voice, let us know what he says. The church needs some proof, coz at the moment, they got zilch.<br />
So the clones aren't made by God, jeepers, my twin friends wont like that (seeing as there is no difference between clones and twins) that must mean god hates them automatically.