I Believe Now

This is not my ussual kind of post, but since spirituality has grown deeply in my range of interests, I thought it worthy of a story.
I belong to a deeply catholic family, but never developed that inner sparkle of faith.
I have always believed in God, but He was on the back of my mind for many years.
I love my husband and children, my family is my number one priority now. And for some reason I felt the need of something bigger. I asked for signals, and it amazed me how they appeared in the form of little daily things that assured me I am never alone
Since I don't have much relation with my mother because of her psychiatric problems, the presence of virgin Mary become intriguing to me. I started visiting a sanctuary devoted to her and just talked to her in my mind. Now I know I am actually praying and I feel she is my motherly companion and support.
Just being there brings me such peace and love for my family and friends. It gives me hope.
I know I am not a religious person in the traditional sense and this story may sound absolutely surprising coming from someone like me, but I wanted to write about it anyway :-)
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i think you are an angel ... close to god him self . please dont deprive me of your presence as it is for your good luck charm that i finally am an engineer . <br />
<br />
thank you for your good luck wishes . loads of respect and care ... karan