how do you expect belive in god sorry if i am
not a christian this stuff is hard to belive
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I believe in God also. As a minister who struggles with gender identity issues I have come to the understanding that our bodies are mere coverings and do not show what is in our heart. If we truly have a desire to live into God's will it may be something so different and unusual that there will be those who cannot accept us. Being born as a physical male or female is not the impetus of the issue of living into God's will, instead it is focusing on our Creator and seeing that all are God's children, not just those who follow one certain belief or understanding. Jesus said to love our enemies and those that spitefully use us. It was a much different teaching that was supposed to remind people that our neighbor is anyone we come into contact with no matter how they look, what their ideology is, or any other factor. Everything on this earth is part of that same creation. God looks at our heart and how we use the gifts and talents we have been given in a manner that offers hope, healing, and completeness, not dogmatic divisions and separation. As our bodies are only coverings how will we use a new covering (mtf, ftm, etc.) in a manner that glorifies God? Answer that question and God's merciful grace will cover the small mistakes we make in life as we strive to live a life that helps others find God.

Nothing is wrong in believing in something that is Good. Its when you believe in the bad that's wrong. Not to believe in anything is to have no direction or sense of good/bad.

my family is church of christ, i had to grandfathers that were preachers and i've even been baptized. but i'm not going to hone in on non-believers. i say just believe what you feel is right to believe. I've taken to the Wiccan path, which really is more misunderstood but is really persecuted. don't let others influence your path, you must create it yourself.

i was also raised in a "christian" religion and could also not find that the religion of the christians could be true. i also turned to the path of wicca. but please do your research on the history of wicca. i came to find that the druids of the pagan faith where the first converts of the church, their reasoning was the next logical step in their religion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
right or not it's not for me to judge. i cannot subscribe to any organization neither "christian" or wiccan. for both doctrines are based on the word of man. and i cannot trust man! EVER! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
as you i know there must be a God so i studied the cultures of the world and looked to what they were believing. a common thread remains throughout. a creation where the sky and the earth was made, followed by the heavenly bodies, then plants. then animals and finaly man. a lot of these cultures also believe in a flood a man and a boat. the stories of these cultures were found after the "christian" preachers found them. and some of these cultures never even received such preachers before they disappeared. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
in fact most ancient cultures have some reference to the flood. this lead me to believe there must be some validity to the claims. so i denounced all religion and started studying what the truth is of the Bible and of God ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
All i want to share with you is this the truth about Jesus
Jesus said that he is the judge of everyone. so no one not even me can judge you willowwispfae! Jesus will talk to you in person and he will then decide if you receive everlasting life. i personally think that Jesus might look favorably uppon wicca's for they generally have really good hearts and intentions. but in the end that is for him to decide. If you follow Satan either in your morals or your beliefs or your prayers. then i think you might be in trouble! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jesus does give this "Free Pass" however. He says that if you except him as your savior with the understanding of the true glory of His sacrifice (like the man next to Jesus on the cross realized that He was God) the you will receive everlasting life. i know this sounds like magic but i don't have to convince you that magic does exist. God's magic concerning this however comes from the true understanding of Jesus which will lead you to a better loving life, through the power of the Holy Spirit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In the end seek the truth! never stop even when you think you've found it. and one day when Jesus comes back and pulls you close to him to hear your story. all i ask of you is do not deny him to be God at that point! :o) He will judge everyone fairly

In a way i supose we worship the same, you call him Jesus, i call her by her many names. we just have different ways to do so and differences should be celebrated and not frowned upon and made into a converting "mine is better than yours" war...that's petty. people should be able to do whatever they please religion wise but research does help. i'm solitary and am doing a year and a day of study of the Craft and my tradition which is what covens require before initiation. it's kinda like you reading "the Bible" and then being baptized somehow. Live and Let Live though.

i hear you and your life is yours. thanks for responding with kindness. just one thing. i cannot be baptized as i have no one to baptize me. :o) as i'm not in a organization. i just can't listen to what people say. think i'm allergic lol. but i let everyone to themselves my God says that it is not for me to judge anyone. P.S even when i was wicca i did not practice under a coven. my stint with the organization of the church got me cured of listening to people. you be good and take care of yourself. if you ever wanna chat about anything i'm always there just mail

hi there Iame73. lets look at this from a point of view that i'm sure you do get... science?<br />
that is the main motivator for not believing in God is it not? well i ask you to forget about religion for a second... the start of your journey should start with this.... is there a God?...<br />
<br />
lets see what the true science says...<br />
<br />
there are no systems found anywhere that cause themselves.<br />
without an initial cause there can be no effect.<br />
so for the effect of space time and matter to exist, there has to be an initial cause.<br />
as this cause has to be outside of the present reality of space time and matter.<br />
this cause has to be considered eternal, and by the very nature of being outside of our reality must be super natural.<br />
<br />
you don't have to call him God if that makes me you uncomfortable, but you cannot deny that this super natural force does exist...<br />
<br />
and why would this force not make contact with its creation? this contact would have lead to a religion forming. your only question should be which religion...<br />
<br />
i obviously have my opinion but making you believe what i believe will take a lot more than this reply. all i can say for now... If God did make contact with His creation, He surely would have given them a detailed account of how all of this came into existence.<br />
and this account would have to follow the principles of science...<br />
<br />
i do ask you however that if you do choose to take this road to find out who this God is. please do not use "scientific theory" as a premise. theory is only someones opinion.<br />
science is a provable reproducible process.<br />
<br />
example. evolution is a theory, the big bang is a theory... the fact that space time and matter has to exist together is a scientific fact. you need space to put matter inside, you need time to govern the space, and without the matter there would be no reason for space or time to exist. these principles go hand in hand. so much so that a lot of scientists are "theorizing" that these three are different forms of the same thing...<br />
<br />
personally after searching far and wide i have only found one religion that firstly gives me a full account of creation and secondly has the fundamentals pretty much right on the money...<br />
<br />
"in the beginning(time) God created the heavens,(space) and the earth(matter)"<br />
and Genesis got the science right. for even though this is an almost instantaneous occurrence, the sequence of time then space then matter follows science...<br />
<br />
if the text read... "God created the earth and the heavens and that was the beginning"<br />
it would not be scientific... because there would be no place to put the matter until you have created the space. and there can be no space if you do not have time to govern it...<br />
<br />
i implore you to go look at all religions and see if they can hold up scientifically. if you have any questions, or comments, or scientific problems with the christian Bible, please feel free to contact me<br />
<br />
P.S. Just because you do not believe in God does not meen He does not believe in you

When I was a Child, my parents raised me in The Methodist Church. I never felt at home. I wanted a personal relationship with God but I didn't feel I knew him and we were supposed to LOVE him. I just looked this up and like the sound of it http://gnosticschristians.com/
When I was 16 and could drive I explained to Mom that I was going to begin a search for a church.
I went every where and to my Moms horror I even attended a Jewish Synagogue.
I honestly felt there was some place that felt as I do. For a while I studied with Jehovah's Witness. I discovered first thing that God had a name. I stayed for a while but the peer pressure for Baptism was too strong. I began to feel forced.
I have kept Gods Name close to me in my prayers. But I tend to love nature as well to which I am told this would side with Wicca.
See I want a personal relationship with my God. I don't want him to be so important I am unable to grant an audience. I want God to be my father too. So I might know him as a parent. So I can sit at his side and not be afraid to tell him my secrets. I need to know he understands me and wont shun me for my wicked thoughts.