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now you are all god prove it to me.. your god exist prove it.. show me anything that could prove it if you can't atleast give me 1 good exemple than saying you believe in god is a lie..
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Show me your ape ancestors and the big bang and I'll show you my faith. Faith is all about believing in the unseen. But your beliefs depend on evidence up front. Yet you have no evidence in front of you. are the worst atheist ever. Time to look around you and believe in something greater than yourself.

i am not atheist

Prove it ;)

i am agnostic

Do you believe something can come from nothing?

there must be a beginning to everything

Ok. Do you believe being can come from nonbeing; non-life produces life; randomness produces fine-tuning; chaos produces information; unconsciousness produces consciousness; and non-reason produces reason?

it must have started from nothing everything come from nothing

“Ex nihilo nihil fit”. In other words, something can't come from nothing. (Not Hawking’s pseudo-definition of “nothing” but the concept that describes the absence of anything; the state of nonexistence.) If it could, why doesn't everything or anything? Why aren't dinosaurs, for instance, popping out of thin air, devouring everyone in sight? Why aren't we afraid of elephants suddenly popping into existence in the sky and crushing us as we walked down the street? If nothing can in fact produce something why would it discriminate? In the end, such an argument is nothing more than special pleading.

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OK ^^!!!! I'll give ya two!!! One: God brought Jesus back to life cause he's the messia. Two: They found the cloth Jesus WAS wrapped in. And don't you think his body would still be there? And don't even get started on grave robbers! They took DNA samples, and they even found a face print on the cloth from his sweat! Right there my friend is two very good examples :3!!( And when he was brought back to life by God there were eye witnesses and there were even angles!)

( Plus Jesus was born from Mary, a virgin)

mary could have been a ***** and not because a guy proclaimed himself god kids its make it right.. and the sweat thing mean nothing it could have been anybody

No. Because of the DNA from the sweat on the cloth, they could figure out who wore it and they could recreate the face from the DNA and the imprint... and something else but I can't remember :/. :3... And some people have talked to him and some have even SEEN him. And how can there be a devil but no God?


okay lets me try to put some sense in that
first how do they know its Jesus DNA if it was not even known by them in year zero that would mean they either just believed it ''must'' jesus since its in the good place but if Jesus really Resurrected then why was the cloth there in first place... and second people have talked to him but don't you believe that a man with a good skill of illusion could have made believe hundred that he god son . i mean just look at all those great magician they could do the trick infront of you and no matter how you look at it you would probably never see it imagine 2 thousand year ago how difficult for them it must have been so i would not really consider any of this miracle credible to say he god son
so for now we remove those miracle
he forgiving everybody that doesnt make him god son i believe the dalai lama do the same and ghandy did the same too and they are not considered -half god-
so what make him so special in the end he was a regular guy with either a scizophrenia or a good speech skill that all he made people believe he was god son which is quite impressive considering how big the task was and about the thing that hold the body together it make no sense its a big cohe

cohesidence ( sorry if my english is not flawless its a second language )

For one thing, it wasnt year 0. That was when he was born. He was killed several years later. For another, he was put in a cave with a boulder to cover it up when he died. They wrapped him in a... I forgot what they called it but it started with a w. It was the cloth he was wrapped in when they put him in the cave. It was some sort of burrial place (although he was the only body in the cave). And you don't see God down on Earth. So he can't be some weirdo dressed up as him. Its like 'I saw my life flash before my eyes' except it lasts longer. Some people see a glimpse of Heaven or God when theyre dying. Well it's not really a glimpse, like I said it's longer. I read this one book about a true story that happened to this one little kid. What happened was that the kid had something happened to his kidney (I think it exploded or stopped working or something :/). So he's laying in the hospital in a coma (I think) and sees God and a couple of angles. God has the angles sing for him. And yes he does get better but then it happens again a couple years latter (couldn't read the rest of the book). But I think he survived cause they had pictures in the back of the book. So it's something like that. And when you talk to him, they call it 'speaking in tounges' cause your speaking in a different language and you don't know what your saying but God does :3. I haven't done it before but my mom and aunt have. They do every Sunday we go tho church and they start crying -_-''s kind of embarrassing... And did you coincidence :3? What's your regular language :3?

yes i meant coincidence ( french my regular one )
and do you mean silk cloth?
and maybe the kids had an hallucination due to he body ''dying'' its quite common that when someone is about to die he have hallucination so a kids could see heaven or hell or ufo

No. It wasn't a hallucination cause he was in a coma. It only works when your awake. I just googled it and it says that he was wrapped in linen cloth. They called it his shroud or something :3. Wow. I was wrong :3! Oh well... I've always wanted to go to France :3. They're food IS good right :3?

yes food is alright
but in coma maybe it was a dream then and yes linen cloth make sense since that what they were using

CALLED IT ^^!!!! Well Of course it was a dream. But that doesn't mean that God didn't use that moment to communicate with him :3. Well HE knows (talkin about the kid)! God knows to! Man... Why is it so hard to get people to understand things these days :/?... :3

:P im an agnostic i need proof

Whatever that means :P... Well I guess it's more easy for me to believe since my family has always been Christian. Methodist btw


yes probably

:3 Well, it's nice to have something you believe in. And you probably shouldn't push I on to others. 1- cause its most likely to be fruitless( about 90% more or less) 2- it might crush their whole life up to that point. 3- all their hopes and dreams might never happen now. It's all right to share opinions, but it's not a good thing to push beliefs onto others. It's all right to tell them about it, but it's up to them wheather to believe it or not :3. Like Christians and some other religion. We'll never come to terms with each other :3.

i believe that i must do it myself i don't have any god that will help me do it

OHHH~:3!! So your THAT type of person~~:3!! Your the type that doesn't like accepting outside help. You believe that you can do it all yourself without relying on someone else :3. SO CONCEITED -_-'!!!!! Hmmm:/... What happens if you fall and can't walk on your foot cause you hurt your ankle or foot... do you accept help or stand up any ways knowing that your in no condition to walk without atleast leaning on someone...what of the person who offers help is a complete you comply or denie help... *deep in thought*

I think that if you were older or lived in like the early 1900s, you would probably have the policy 'do not work, do not eat' :3 am I right?

yes if you can 't work you can't eat that the painful truth
and but if i fall on the ground i will stand up what will you do wait for your god to help you get up?

No. It doesnt work that way. Plus I know how to take care of myself on my own without any money. You hunt:3! No gun? NO PROBLEM^^!!! Make a bow and arrow >:3!! I know. Not as easy as it sounds but with practice makes perfect ^^!!! Alls you need to do is go into the woods, find a place to sleep, make weapons, make fire, hunt, skin animals, and cook ^^!!!! Not as easy as that right? But if you haven't noticed, I'm the type that is boastfull and stubborn. VERY stubborn. But I don't like being boastfull <: but I can't help it DX



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I've never seen God, but that doesn't mean He does not exist. I've never seen the wind either. I've seen the effects of the wind, but I've never seen the wind.

alright but when did you ever see the effect of god?

You know, we would be here right now if Jesus hadn't died on the cross. He died for us on the cross. That was what God sent him to Earth to do. That means that God sacrificed his only son to die on the cross for everybodies sins, keeping us alive. So died on the cross for us. Does that count :3?


We WOULDN'T be here

how do they know if its real?i mean not because 1 guy dying on a cross mean he god son

Gods son or not, he still let himself be killed on the cross thinking it was his destiny, thinking that what he was doing would save a lot of people. We should still at least respect him :3

But, then again, not many people these days know HOW to show respect. They don't even know what the word means. The 5th graders on my bus are such potty mouths-_-'... My brother told me that they called him the c word. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE C WORD IS!!! And I'm in 8th grade!!! :/

Seriously... What is this world coming to these days? Especially with Obama -_-'...

he didnt have any choice ! to be on the cross

In the Bible it said that he had a chance defend himself. But he didn't say a word. So he had a chance to get himself not killed, but he didn't do anything to stop them from nailing him to the cross. So yes. He did have a choice. But he chose not to do anything. If you read the Bible, you'll get more information than what I'm saying. Cause I haven't read all of the Bible. So you'll learn faster that way.

the bible is write by man , so it can't be flawless so i would never read it and follow something wrote by man

I agree a 100% that Mankind is...never mind :3!! Just remember. The Bible was written by God and Jesus's followers. So THEY know what REALLY happened. Think of it as The Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens or something like that. It's very rare to find a book that is different even a little from the original. And also. This isn't Catholic we're talking about. (Methodist) So its not written in Latin so you don't understand it at all. It's in English (live in the US) So its not cheating anyone out of their money or nothin!!


Does this mean you don't read dictionaries or encyclopedias? What about books on biology, chemistry, astronomy or history? Do you refuse to follow them because they were written by men? :)

well i got nothing against believer

So your answer to my questions would beeee? :)

max, i do read them but i don't believe everything write in them

I'VE JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING >XD!!!!! We as humans can't follow in Gods steps, but we can look at what he left behind for us. Meaning that we can't see God, but we CAN look at the Bible, a book that God told his followers to write. Remember that another name for the Bible is God's Word.

do they have any proof it was wrote by god

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A person cannot prove God exists to another person.
A person cannot prove God does not exist to anther person.
All that people can do is give arguments for or against the existance of God.
But God himself can reveal Himself to prove his own existance to a person.
Most people have been moved to trusting in God by either agreement with the will of God or they have been convinced over time that the will of God is right.
Most people who do not believe God exists have first disagreed with the will of God.
Disagreement leads is disbelief because belief without agreement leads to great personal turmoil.
So those who hate the will of God are given over to disbelief so that they can at lest have some chance at a life without tourmoil. It is a kind of mercy in a way.

So angarus it is all about your personal response to the will of God.

you just killed the small hope that i could ever believe in god

Yet maxximiliann's post is right below?

yes maxximiliann gave me hope in it haha

There are arguements against Maxx post. I have used probably all of Maxx's arguements in the past and there are been counter arguments to every one.

Such is life.

yes but i like how he show god more as a creation terms for everything and not an omnipotent punisher

If you really want to, you can find a way around every argument for every belief in the universe.

The question is, if you're completely honest with yourself, is your final choice a wise decision or an intellectualized cop-out?

my life choice would be there no god .. but i believe what maxximiliann say is right

See you agree with a Creator God but do not agree that a Creator God is justified in judging His creation. Therefore you disbelieve.

i don't believe to a god as en entity that can judge my choice
i do believe that what happened 'the big bang' was powerful and infact since it created everything could be call a god

Well, yes you could call it God, but that's not what the vast majority of people who claim to "believe in God" are talking about -- they mean a personal being with a will of its own -- so in what way is it useful to make up a definition of your own? I could call my bath flannel "God", it wouldn't make me a God-believer in any meaningful way.

@Adstars Forgive me but your assertions are patently false. There are many who have been convinced that God in fact does exist by simply examining the evidence. I myself am such a person.

If there wasn't evidence for the existence of God I would not believe so the same way I don't believe in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.

@Angarus If you believe the singularity that birthed the universe 13.7 billion years ago is god, what created that singularity? In other words, who or what created your god?

A beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent and personal being is the definition of God. so if they were anything before that i could not call what created the universe a God ,


If I understand you correctly, have you changed your position and no longer affirm the singularity that birthed the universe to be god?

the singularity if we can call it like that , did create universe i would call it ''god'' but if they were anything before the singularity that created the singularity then the ''singularity'' can't be called god since something created it

So what do you believe, that the singularity came from something or that it came from nothing?

that it came from nothing

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(1) Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
(2) The universe began to exist 13.7 billion years ago.
(3) Therefore, the universe has a cause.

(4) The cause of the universe is a beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent and personal being.
(5) A beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent and personal being is the definition of God.
(6) Therefore, God caused the universe to exist 13.7 billion years ago.

We all know that something can't come from nothing. If it could, why doesn't everything or anything? Why aren't dinosaurs, for instance, popping out of thin air, devouring everyone in sight? Why aren't we afraid of elephants suddenly popping into existence in the air, falling from the sky and crushing us while we walk down the street? If nothing can in fact produce something why would it discriminate? In the end, such an argument is a case of special pleading.

Since something can't come from nothing, then the natural questions that follow are, “Where did the universe come from 13.7 billion years ago?” and “What caused it to come into existence in the first place?”

Whatever this cause is, it must possess certain necessary properties in order for it to be the cause of the physical space-time universe. For instance, first and foremost, this cause must itself be uncaused. Why? Because an infinite regress of causes is impossible. (Lookup “Hilbert's Grand Hotel” if you're interested in a more in-depth analysis.)

Second, this uncaused cause must transcend space-time because it itself created space-time. It is therefore, spaceless.

Third, since this uncaused cause exists beyond space and time it is must be a non-physical or immaterial cause. Why? Because physical things exist only in space – they have dimensions.

Fourth, this uncaused cause must necessarily also be timeless for the simple fact that it itself doesn't exist in space-time.

Fifth, it must also be changeless. As I'm sure you're well aware, all matter exists in a state of constant flux. This is especially apparent at the atomic level. Since this uncaused cause is immaterial it is not subject to the same forces that affect matter, therefore, it is unchanging.

Sixth, this uncaused cause is obviously unimaginably powerful, if not omnipotent, for it brought matter, energy, space and time into existence completely on its own.

So, to sum up, whatever it is that caused the universe to come into existence 13.7 billion years ago it must be beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging and omnipotent.

But we're not done for there is one more property of this uncaused cause that we can deduce from what we know of the universe. For this we have to take a closer look at cause and effect. Here's what I mean: if a cause is sufficient to produce it's effect then the effect must also be present. The two are joined at the hip, so to speak. You can't have one without the other.

Let me borrow from an illustration to make this clearer. “Suppose that the cause of water’s freezing is the temperature’s being below 0°C. If the temperature were below 0°C from eternity past, then any water that was around would be frozen from eternity. It would be impossible for the water to just begin to freeze a finite time ago. Once the cause is given, the effect must be given as well.” (

The issue is, if we have in fact a timeless, transcendent cause why isn't the effect permanent as well? In other words, if this timeless, transcendent cause actually caused the universe, why hasn't the universe always been around? How can a cause be eternal but its effect commence a finite time ago? We know the universe is about 13.7 billion years old but we've also deduced that whatever caused the universe must be transcendent and timeless.

The only way this is possible is if this timeless, transcendent, uncaused cause were also a free agent – a being with free will who can act of its own volition. As we all know, free will is the hallmark of personhood.

So here we arrive at this uncaused cause of the universe 13.7 billion years ago that is beginningless, spaceless, immaterial, timeless, unchanging, omnipotent … and personal.

This is the very definition - of God :)

bravo .

bravo *

the **** i said BRAVO

you would have told me he created jesus and i would have laugh my life out but ur answer was complete and nicely found i like it

Wow! Does this mean you're no longer an atheist? h e hehe :)

never was an atheist im more like a nihilism but your point was interesthing :)

maxximiliann - Marry me? That was one sexy answer.

Finally!! A woman who appreciates me for my mind, not my body or my money, h eh eheh :*

Lol! It's all about the grey matter. :)

what she mean is you have a sexy brain lol

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