Call Me Ignorant But God Exists

I am certain God exists not because I am told that God exists or i have emotional outbursts of ecstasy that say hey god is real because of what im feeling. I know God exists because despite people having free will and blaming God and not taking responsibility for their actions that the human mind is more comprehensive and more extensive and capable of such vast changes that granted evolution possibly having occurred that so-called random mutations have combined to create enough structure in a short time span.
Actually, in geological terms the mind of the human, or even of other animals like orangutan and chimps occurring so quickly it would seem that science as understood today does not deny God but supports the idea of some underlying force that enables the endless chaos of the universe to exist for meaning and structure to exist.
Granted that life is full of struggle and not everything is explainable simply denying God for or limited ability for making sense of the universe is not logically or scientifically a cogent argument.
Until there is sufficient evidence to show that everything became organized enough for a world to have some apparent order in a universe which had no life until very recent times ill be ignorant enough to believe in a God.
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Very well said sir.

great post

I'm not sure why, but your view surprises me in a really good way. I tend to waiver in my beliefs in this area, but I do appreciate someone with an analytical mind like yours that appreciates the possibility that there in indeed a Higher Power and something to account for the "spark" that makes us unique :)

I might just simply be ignorant though and my thoughts may just be some arbitrary alignment of thoughts! Just sayin.