There are those who are hardcore. Those who spend hours and hours and even days, devoted to praying. Serving. Learning. Teaching. Those who somehow seem to understand it all, and are graceful enough to still be in our presence.

And then there are those who struggle. Who fail to find the right words at the right time. Who believe, but don’t understand. Who try, but fail seemingly constantly.

Lately it seems, more often than not I am the latter. Not that I ever HAVE been the former. Just that more so lately I seem to see my short comings and failures more than anything. I believe, yes. But I don’t understand. And sometimes, I just want to understand.

I know there is a reason - but what?

Why so much pain, and sadness? Why so much seemingly insensible deaths? Why so much suffering and pain?

And yet somehow - He knows.

He knows why. He knows how we feel. How we question. How we wonder. Somehow. He graces us with HIS presence even though we struggle to understand. And know. He is able to see beyond it all, unlike me.

Thinking about forgiveness, sure I forgive people. I don’t hold a grudge, but what about murderers? Surely the families of innocent killings arent expected to FORGIVE the killer! And honestly, I know that I probably couldnt. But we are suppose to. Somehow. Because He does. He forgives me. Over and over and over again. Even though I struggle to understand why. And how.

Even though I fail, over and over. Even though I struggle to make sense of kids dying, and families hurting - somehow He has a plan, and He knows. Even though really, I cant even fathom it.

Somehow He knows. Somehow He is there. Somehow. Making perfection in the broken. And turning sadness and pain into something beautiful.
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If you dwell on the penalty an unforgiven murderer will face, FOR ETERNITY, Then you will understand the Awesome depth of forgiveness God has offered through Jesus to even the most terrible of sins. If a person asked for forgiveness it must be given by a Christian, That’s not saying that it is hard. No sometimes it is very very hard indeed. But if we are followers of Jesus and believe Him then we shall believe what He says on the issue.

So if you ever come to a place in your life where you think you cannot forgive someone just think about the eternal outcome of an unforgiven individual. Also think about How you also have access to this level of Forgiveness and be Glad that even if you snap one day and do something terrible you too can be forgiven. This is the Amazing grace that people sing about, It is something that is available to anyone who believes Jesus and accept his atonement for their sins. People on death row you can have forgiveness. People who have committed the most terrible crimes you can be forgiven.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

I agree. And I know this, and believe this. I was just reflecting on how God forgives me - when I struggle with forgiving someone who is just as bad as I am in His eyes. If He forgives me - then I am able to forgive others because of this, there simply is no other way. Thanks for the comment :)