Have Much Faith But Doesn't Go To Church .

I am a Christian and believe in god with all my heart and mind but every church I've been to has had little education on the lord and its mostly advertisements. what has church came to? Its truly a shame .... but with enough prayer and hope, i will hopefully find the church that is right for me.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Same for me. Sometimes, being in church makes me feel like there's something wrong. So I haven't been going to church for a long time. I take walks in the park, or a hike somewhere and pray and talk to God with my heart. I do pray that you find your church soon. :)

Thanks for your prayers. i am still looking for tht one church

May I say to you, go looking for a blessing and you shall find it, we don't go to church for ourselves as much as we go for the one beside us. Your smile, handshake, etc.. could make the difference of heaven or hell in someone else's life and that's what is all about.
God's speed in finding "your" church.

Thank you for your advice and may god bless you