There is a great GOD who became known as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Israel (Jacob). He is the Only True God, he was called the Aten by the Pharaohs Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, he has ever been the Light of the Universes.

As a Jewess I have worshipped him as my God, with the long-established rituals of my people, offering the prayers which have long been established as essential part of our daily truth. I have found need of more understanding then the rituals give, and Pesach 5772 I began a study of the Kabbalah, a Jewish mysticism on the hidden meanings of the Holy Writings.

My studies have given me a clearer understanding of God the Light, and of my place in the Universe. It has enabled me to understand more about sufferings, and about pleasures, and answered the myriad questions modern science uses to tilt at my beliefs like a knight of old maybe not so chivalrously.

There is a massive devaluing of the concept of GOD because of those who want to pronounce and use his name (as represented by the four letters 'YHVH') as something like 'Yahweh' or 'Jehovah'. He has over seventy-two names, each a powerful tool on which to ponder and find truthes and answers.
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God is a deep part of my heart and soul. I am Catholic and I too believe there is only one God. Each religion has a different way of worshiping God. Each religion believe there is only one God and it the one true God. I respect other religions. I'm not here to convert anyone, but to celebrate God with them and you. In our world as it is today is not the time to convert those who are faithful to God, but to give love and encouage those who do not have God in their life. We all need to be on the same team to spread the love of God to others.
I enjoy listening to the beliefs of others. I may not agree with them, but it's not for me to judge. Sometimes I see how similar our beliefs are and yet so different. I love learning about other faiths and see God through their eyes. Thank you for your story and for your faith. It was very well written

I agree with you in essence, the Galilean rabbi Yeshua ben Yosev told his followers that 'blessed are those conscious of their spiritual need....'etc so a person's knowledge of spiritual things is a great blessing and a means by which they can evolve. Those unaware of this need have their own Tikkun to work out in their own way, rushing to judge as it sounds as if you do in what you say might itself bring further Tikkun.