I Believe In God

I believe in God creator and maker of everything visible or invisible. I believe that He is a loving Father who sustains us His continued love and support.

I believe that God uses each of us to deliver His message. We are His sons and daughters. Through baptism we become heirs of heaven.

God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son for the sake of all human race.

In return to His many blessings, I proclaim to the whole people in this whole wide world that He is the only one true God in heaven and on earth.
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The digital equivalent of shouting from the highest mountaintop. May God bless you.

God loves you!! Read my story on God!

>> God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son for the sake of all human race.


Just want to know. Where do you get your faith from? I went to the same churches and schools as others but consider the whole thing to be just superstition. I unfortunately think when we shut our eyes for the last time there is nothing. Do not get me wrong. I would love my Dad to be waiting and buy me a Pint in the Celestial bar to welcome me but without evidence no Heaven for me.

Faith I would like but with an Inquisitive and questioning mind I need evidence. That will teach your god for giving me an inquisitive mind :-)

Physics teaches us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It only makes sense that an intelligent mind would question the existence of God and the writings of the Bible. I've found myself many times chuckling to the atheists jokes of Bill Maher or George Carlin. I too have had lingering doubts but in the end my faith in God endures. I've found that it's ok to explore the other sides arguments. Testing ones faith is what it's all about.

"Just Believe" So easy to say but believe me not so easy to do.

I do not think they have pubs in heaven because all the bar tenders will be working in Satans ball room which will be full of dancing and cheering at the second coming


LOL Better go down south when I pass on then :-)

Meet you in hells bar then do not be late whiskey is on the house


See you there chick XX

Don't forget, the hookers are there too!

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What have you done to be in unity with our Lord? My life is a miner seeking silver and hid treasure with a world of loving brothers and sisters in 1 John 3:14-17 and Proverbs 21:13 who don't believe Revelation 12:9, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Mark 7:6-7, Isaiah 29:13, Ezekiel 34, Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3, Ephesians 2:2 or any words all through the Bible not lining up with the doctrines, traditions or ways of man being of this world such as pagan holidays like christmas and easter Christ had no part of and are not in the words all believers are to live by.

"And being made perfect He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him Hebrews 5:9

To be of this world is to be led by the prince and power of the air while not believing or understanding truth while always knowing more than the words of God when detesting anyone not in full agreement with what man has taught or satan has psychology injected as the prince and power of the air. -- and this whole world is division other than the few called.

May Our Lord Become your only director with no human beings to steer you wrong because billion claim their love, but billions shall suffer through repentance leading to the fact that everything written is truth not believed. Psalms 12:6

You take care being the very kind person you are my friend.

How inspiteofeverything? We as believers are to just care about one another, and with little time plus communication -- friendship is just there.

May we grow to know more, the depths, and width of the meaning contained in 'I believe in God'. May the power, grace, sovereingty that is associated with transcend to make us those carriers of God's grace and power.
May God continue His work in us so that we can have a new, more enriched meaning to the words we use in 'I believe in God'. May our faiths be restored as we continue to believe
#keep believing special one:-)

Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end of our life, he is our rock and stronghold.

<p>AMEN to that. . . . I know for a fact HE IS MY LORD and SAVIOUR. </p>

i believe in our father GOD,and JESUS CRIST.I also believe there r no mistakes in life .it is his divine design n our purpose is love!

It does take a lot of strength to make a bold statement of faith. You have obviously experienced something in your life.
I had a Grandma who would share what you share. I admire your honest and bold opinion