The Church Game

While I personally believe in God, I have trouble with people's obsession with the bible (written by man in his many flaws). There is no word of God and you can't take these archaic words literally if you truly seek knowledge. The first part of Genesis is a poem for crying out loud. To speak of God like you have his cell number and he speaks to you daily is using his name for vanity or in vain (if you prefer the commandment term). I am confessing right now my dislike for all the so called Christians who pretend to give a damn about their fellow man as they go to their 501c3 churches and pay their tithe like it's somehow demanded in the scriptures. Tithe is only mentioned in a couple verses and most churches are content to shove those verses down your throat when they are in need of money.

My biggest problem with the modern church is how they've asked permission by their government to not pay taxes(501c3), when they are in fact tax exempt to begin with (ever heard of separation of church and state?). To submit to the government means your church is not free to speak out on any issue that might not be ok with the government. If you don't know if your church is 501c3 ask, and if the answer is not clearly given you are being lied to. Having went to church for 18 years of my life I have experienced first hand these lies and corruption within our so-called free religions. If I have offended you I hope you ask your pastor what 501c3 is and wake up.
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I agree there are many corruptions in the churches. But i believe in the Bible as the inspired word of God. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.