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Any ways for the longest time I could never answer why when I prayed to God it felt as if he did not hear my prayers at times, but now I kind of get why it does seem as though there are moments when it feels like God doesn't hear some prayers.But God always heard prayers, but the devil hears them too. When we pray angels take the prayers up on Jacob's ladder. The devil likes to hinder the process anyway he can by discouraging or making me lose faith and give up on what I am asking for. But i try to stay strong and focus on my goals so the devil can't take anway my confidence in Jesus.
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Well when we pray to God everything we ask for is not right away answered and sometimes it took a long time to be answered and on the other hand devil also try to make it worse and make your life mesirable so to make your faith strongest even in your thoughts you need to stay strongest and have faith that things will be ok.

will keep in mind. thankyou tawam. did you get my gifts? hope you liked them:)

yup i like them very much and im sorry sometimes with all my friends there in my list i cannot send messages and think they are occupied so when i see a gestures and notes i see to it i can have time to read my friends stories and thank them like the way you do,i really appreciates your gift...

your welcome

The devil can not hear silent prayers only prayer said out loud.The devil does try to hinder people from praying by trying to get people so caught in life that they find little to no time to pray.I am glad you rely on prayers.

oh okay. Thankyou for the comment !

Wonderful way of putting it.

Heh....I tried, glad you liked my story :)

Hope you keep the faith