Man Created God Period.

 Man created god.  Did you people hear me?  Man created god.

If there is a god, then has man created so many of them?  Why are there so many religeons on this planet?  They can not all be right.  They are not all right.  You know why?  Because men created them for the following reasons:

Man created god to answer unansweble questions and to explain the thing not easily understood.

Man created god out of fear

Man created god to control other men

Man created god to create the illusion of control over things like umh death?

To all you bible thumpers out there.  I went to bible college for 5 years and trained to be a missionary pilot.  and you know what?  A miracle happened.  Yes a miracle.  to me an proud athiest.   I used my head.

I read my *ss off.  I talked to lots of people.  I got advanced degrees in science.  I saw and experienced deep suffering both physically and emotionally.  I talked to jews, hinduhs, bahi's, catholics, Islamists, quakers, Mormons, Pagans, Witches, read philosophers, met with strange people, attended burning man.  You name, I sought it out.  And guess what.  They can not all be right.  So they must all be wrong.  Then I wondered why?

Well I figured it out some time ago.  Man created god.

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God in heaven !! this came out back at 2009 ?!??:!...,.?.?:!???.?

Man created religion God creates man.

Very funny man is so small minded he could never create God...The Father and Mother created all that is the funny thing is man marches on to his own demise...There are three types of people in this world..Believers, non-believers, and hypocrites....No one religion has the whole truth...Love and Light win...I am not afraid because I believe...Mary

The next time there is a catastrophe. See how many of your atheist friends are there feeding people. None. Christians are there. May God have mercy on your soul.

Are you trying to convince others of your beliefs? Or just yourself? You went all over the world with "advanced degrees" to look for God...and found a god, what, everywhere? Paul of Tarsus also went out and discovered many gods of man, but they were false gods. Go figure.<br />
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My message is NOT to convince you of God nor try to "save" you. I'm satisfied that you are happy in your belief. <br />
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But you're not the first one to have this belief nor will you be the last. <br />
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In answer to your question(s).....There are so many "incarnations" of God and there are so many different religions because that is man's way of understanding what is perceived to be God. Mankind has know since times early on that there was something much bigger than ourselves, something that is beyond our limited comprehension to understand ( and there are things that even science cannot explain even with our advanced knowledge and technology). We had to put it into terms that we could understand....that was more tangible to us. Yes religion was created by man and yes, God has been created in OUR image. We are imperfect though and we are imaginative creatures. Our interpretations are therefore imperfect and often imaginative....but that doesnt mean its not sincere and heartfelt therefore being any less real. Our interpretation can often be wrong as well as our usage of those interpretations can be wrong. But a belief in God istelf is not necessarily wrong. "ALL have something in common"....."scared"...."simple minded"...."narrow minded"? I dont think so. Actually many people who have less education than you and happen to believe in God have MORE depth, intelligence, common sense, and heart than you could ever dream of.....if you only gave them a chance. Yes, many people fit your general description. But as I stated in the beginning....Not all of us are like that.

There is no satan. The only evil that exists is the intentional harm we do to ourselves and each other.<br />
There is no god. The billions of people who profess so all have something in common. They are human and they are scared, looking for answers to unanswerable questions, are simple minded about physics, philosophy, and emotional intelligence, and narrow minded about who is "right" and who is "wrong"<br />
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Indy,<br />
The all wrong, no one's right theory is hard for you to understand? Then if you choose to accept some universal truths from each or a few, then guess what? You just created another religion AND another version of god. A version that suits your own life experiences and values based on your human emotions and fears.

What is it that I am afraid of? I am not searching for the answers, I have the answer. His name is Jesus Christ. You should seek Him, while He can still be found, then you won't have questions nor will fear overtake you.

BTW, Satan exists.

All those religions just so happen to believe in God. That's a lot of people moving in one direction! Even Satan knows that there is a God.

Not all of us who believe in God are "bible thumpers", and not all of us profess to be the only "right" ones. I was raised in Christianity, but I no longer follow it. I do not subscribe to all of the ideas of who and what God is. I agree that religion is man-made. I do not believe that they all can be "right", but I also do not believe that they all can be "wrong" either. I do not believe science and God are at odds with each other. I understand completely what you are saying, but I do not believe science nor belief in the existence of God discredit the other. I firmly believe that the truth lies within the essence of both.