Sticking by God is the hardest decision because sometimes it sucks balls when crap hits you in the face but I've found that God also protects and even if it is a crazy concept to other people, leaving all your frightful fears and stress and crap onto him helps a friggin lot. Like mate it's nothing he can't handle.

And this whole question of why we suffer. Shouldn't we also blame Satan. When there is a battle between good and evil, they both get shots here and there right?

I also want to meet the archangel Michael.

Some people think I have a shallow faith but sometimes it's the simplest faith that is more powerful then others.
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just know god will always help you out of your ways!

The God Emperor does most certainly protect.

I pretty much agree with you. Times can be tough. I know, I am currently on disability. I know God is helping me, cause I am still hanging in there.

As for Satan, he is trying to interfere with our belief in God. We have to keep the faith, and keep praying.

Simple Faith is good. Mine is simple Faith. I am on disability, and doing a lot of praying in faith. God is helping me....praise the Lord.