The children's home I was sent to at age 9 1/2 emphasized religion and hard work. If the wards there were not in the classroom or working long hours on the farm then we were in church. Service in the morning and evening and we kept Bibles under our pillows to read before falling asleep or immediately after waking up. It was because of God we had been rescued from poverty,neglect,and abuse and given a 2nd chance. We were NEVER allowed to forget that fact. When I use to tell my housemother God could not love me because he gave me an unstable woman for a mother and married uninterested man for a father she assured me, "And He delivered you from them when they became undeserving of you."I still thank Him to this day because looking back if there was not a God my mother would have surely killed me. God wanted me to suffer so I could thoroughly appreciate the next chapter in my life.
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May you embrace the Message of Jesus and have full assurance in eternal life with God through the Atonement Jesus secured for you. :D

I'm so happy for you! I need that experience, actually. Though I am Christian I act as though I am not and I really am in need of a 'spiritual awakening' 😌 haha if that makes sense c;

its good u know that at a young age

I can't even see growing up in a places like that so how r u now

Great! Unlike most I enjoyed and appreciate my time at the children's home. When I graduated high school they helped me attend university where I am now.

that's great and I mean it just always heard storys of those places not all good

so whats ur major

Medical Laboratory Science/Biochemistry then off to dental school God willing.

that is cool stick with it

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