I wasn't supposed to even be born. My mom was told that I was going to be still born or for a few moments later. Right after the doc told her that, she ran to church and prayed. And geuss what. I was born. Then when I was 1. I ran in the street and got hit by a car. Usually when a 1 year old get ran over, they die. I didn't? Weird. I belive god has put me here for a reason and I will find that reason sooner or later☺️
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Similar story, my mother after she had my older brother was told she could never have children again. THEN BAM! I somehow circumvented the issue of science telling mom that 100% positive she couldn't have a kid. I was born at 9 pounds haha! I later got my head split open around 4 times in my lifetime (not even one concussion) I rarely get sick. Have natural spirituality and animals love me even if I try to get them to hate me o_0. also my name means "Precious gift from god" so far in my life gods been a pretty good wingman. When I was 4 mom couldn't afford Christmas, she didn't tell anyone out of shame but what was there on Christmas day? crap tons of gifts. On a deadly cold winter when we couldn't afford oil, we didn't tell anyone yet again out of shame and next thing we know a oil tanker comes by our house and fills the heater to the brim! Heck the church even paid our light bill once when the family business was in shambles.

With everything my family gets we give back as much as we can, sometimes we suffer because of our good nature but for every kick in the teeth life gives us god always hands us a pear of dentures to get back up again. I owe that guy a lot for the light bill, so I gotta still work that off XD


my mom had 4 miscarriages and then randomly had me, you & I were born for a reason. God will work through us, look for opportunities he's given you and use them :) god bless <3

great post

God was surely on you and your family's side. God bless you <3