i m truly love with god "KRISHNA" ... i can't describe my emotions ,and feelings but it's really great .... :) :) it only person can feel ,words can't describe it ... how much i try to know him how much i involve love with him ... i think he doesn't look like us ...or whatever ...it's hard to prove but it's some feelings that only person can feel in his/her life ... i study one book about KRISHNA ,and now i can feel him ..
i don't expect much from god neither i ask so much ,i ask some times only ... i don't think asking is needed ,we need to work nd need to be good soul ... that's all ...but it's main about feeling him ,to feel him as he is with u always where ever u r ... i can feel it .. i am really so much love with KRISHNA ...it has been for almost two to three years but now from some recent time from last year i can feel him ... i think no one can understand anyone completely except god ...u can say god is just feeling even if it so then i will like to live with that feeling in my whole life...
is there any one else as well who feel same like me for god ...??i will like to listen
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4 Responses Aug 18, 2014

there is only one God Allah

So are you Hindu? But I feel the same about my gurus.

I don't even practice Hinduism.

I do and amen