I had a chat bout my faith with a man I met today after he saw a necklace of a cross I wear, he said he was an atheist. He asked me how I could have fait in someone I can't physically prove is there. I explained to him how I am free to believe what I want just as he can, but he kept to disprove GOD till I asked him "if GOD ain't real why are you tryin so hard to disprove him". He couldn't answer so now I ask for y'alls opinions.. Why is it that so many people say there is no GOD yet some people try to disprove what theyy say ain't there?
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Thanks everyone yalls answers make sense thanks again!:)

Atheist love to breath air, they can't see It but they believe Its there.

Because they lean on their own understanding. If God don't exist, what is our purpose for living? And lets say God really don't exist, nothing will be lost for those believers. Believing in Him straightens us , make us a better person. Now what if God is true, unbelievers will be lossers. we will not lose anything for those who believe.. I do have a friend to who don't believe in God and I don't talk to her now because deciet is a power from the enemy to detour our faith.

That's an excellent explanation! I've got to use that one.