I really do believe in God yet there are moments where I keep praying and being patient and I find myself in these spells of complete sadness. My bf of 8 years broke up with me over an email and is already with someone else. Our relationship wasn't great in the end but I would pray to God to change the relationship in whatever way he wanted and my bf ended things. I just find it hard to understand why was I with someone for 8 years if it was going to end? Why am I still mourning this loss but he's already with someone new. Why would God allow this heartbreak? I pray and pray to be able to let go of this pain and move forward in life. I believe in God but it's just hard when I'm in so much pain. What do you do when your faith is low?
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Wow ! These are my exact sentiments and my current situation . I keep praying hoping that God hears my cries and heals my pain. I know exactly how you feel . I don't know you but I know of this pain Oh too well so as I'm praying for my own break through, I'll be praying for yours as well. Xoxo

Maybe ending it was his way of making it better maybe he had someone better waiting for you :) remember he works in mysterious ways

God has nothing to do with it. This is life you live, you learn and you move on. God gave us free will to make choices in life. He made his choice, now you make yours.

Hey Ms. Serious Lighten up. I don't dare comment on choices you've made so please keep your learned hands off of my choices. Oh and god never gave me anything because there is no personal Jesus in my life.

so your comment was for what reason exactly.

Help someone worse off than I am. Please I don't do that for religious reasons. I have no affiliation with any group of believers or non believers.
There's more religion on EP than I've been exposed to in 65 years of life. Now back to our regular programming.

Ok you don't have to believe in S..t. Just treat people right. I never claimed perfection. I never will be able to do that.

Keep in my that God's ways are not like ours and that we cannot comprehend the way He works. That said I think He allows heartache and sorrow in our lives to teach us and make us stronger. There is something He wanted you to learn. When you move past the pain you will know what it is that He taught you. When my faith is low I remind myself that He knows me better than I know myself. He knows that my faith is running on empty but He loves me anyway. Ask Him to reveal Himself working in your life during your hour of need. When you see the signs He gives, your faith will be renewed.

I have a small devotional that i read. It is titled "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. A friend gave it to me when i was told i had lung cancer, and it gave me hope and strength throughout the ordeal. The message, among others, is a simple one. We live in a fallen world and will always face impossibilities and cicumstances totally beyond our ability to handle. This is the time when you must turn over your problems to God, to let Him fight the battles and heal your mind. As you trust more in God's love and even thank Him for the adversity in your life and give thanks for the many blessings in your life--the things that are good about it, and the adversities that have befallen oters, but not you--you can find peace in taking God's hand, as your heavenly Father, and letting Him lead you on. Then open your heart to His peace and love, and take things one day at a time.

Just maybe God have somebody better to you and thinks that he wasn't good enough? You mentioned that you "pray to God to change the relationship in whatever way he wanted" so maybe that was how He wanted) don't be worry - it will be okay)

just keep in mind that you still can be happy.
Dont be afraid to meet new guys,i had a long relationship too,& believe me part of you will always love him,but you have to move on just as he did it,&i did. The reason this happened its because you deserve something else in your life.,which will help you to feel better if you let it be.

Still praise him. Don't ever doubt gods power, u should still have faith in him as always and just be yourself . Life has all ups and downs, I'm pretty sure everyone once have depressed or being down or anything but perphahs it's a challenge for u? Maybe he's gonna give u a better one? Ur ex isn't the right person for what he've done to u. U should get back with life and start a new beginning. Anyways god bless.

I have also had times when my faith is low, and something small usually sparks my faith again. I feel that in your situation this could be looked at as gaining strength. There is something to be learned from this, and to be gained from this, it just hasn't happened yet or perhaps you having seen it yet. Always keep your hopes up, don't let him moving on drag you down. Don't let him have any more control over you. I can imagine how awful it would feel and it's still probably more painful for you than what I can imagine.. But don't you let him get the best of you, there is so much more you can do with your life now. When one door closes, a million more open.
I'm sorry this happened to you, and you feel you've wasted eight years. I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way. But just keep in mind there is something good to come of this for you. It will happen, and I will send prayers your way as well. <3