I love God and I pray to him every night but I'm looking for people to talk with about God. If your interested please message me. :)
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hey :)

Hey :)

You are a princess of YAHuwah (God) your Elohim (mighty one). I like to say princess of El for short. Our relationship with him a beautiful love story. He starts as our savior then our friend and then our intimate partner! He lives us forever and is with us wherever we go! He has given us dreams and a purpose to fulfill for His kingdom on earth. Nothing is too hard for Him! We have nothing to fear as we walk in His ways. NOW is the time to devote our time to him! Let's start with ten mins in the morning praying and reading the word and take it from there! Let's listen to worship music and get into the attitude of thanksgiving! Let's give him out life and see what he makes of it!! It's is a glorious adventure! That we will never regret! He always rewards the obedient: either in wary. Or in Heaven. Yahshua Jesus: The Way The Truth The Life!! <3 keep hungering and thirsting after Him. You will be filled! It's a promise :D!!

Thank you.

I like to read the proverbs corresponding with the day of the month and the psalms that way too. It's a good morning jolt like coffee lol. What do you like to read?

I just read normal books. Currently in reading " the lying game" by Sara Shepard.

Hmm interesting title. I'm reading the book 'captivating'. Lol and I'm pretty sure the bible is a normal book haha. I'll look the book up.

Lol yeah my books about a girl that died and her twin has to take her place and act like she's the dead girl or else the killer will kill her too.

Wow, that's pretty wild. I used to enjoy twisted books myself. Now I'm more in to self improvement and the supernatural lol. The super natural can be pretty crazy. One of my faves is a book called a trip into the supernatural. Not only is it a learning experience it's a real page turner and it's pretty short so I flew through. I think you would enjoy it based off the description of the lying game. The book I'm referring to is a true story though, which for me makes it even better and more wild!

That's great! Thanks so much!!

Blessings! Have a wonderful life :)! Stay strong in Him!

Thanks so much for everything. :)


It's basically about the demonic spirit realm and how this dude finds out a lot of info and then gets out of the situation but not necessarily easily. It's awesome! And kinda freaky and very eye opening!

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Bellebelle122, what about God do you want to talk about?

Message me please.

I see your interest in god anything you would like to know specifically